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2012 NFL Draft: Looking At The Other Boston College Prospects


Now that Luke Kuechly has been drafted by the Carolina Panthers, it's time to look at the other BC players who are entering the draft. Last year the Eagles only had one player selected in the draft (Anthony Castonzo), which brings up an interesting question. Will BC have more players drafted this year than in 2011?

Currently there are five other prospects that could be drafted over the weekend. Let's take a look at their pros and cons, and what their realistic chances are of hearing their name called at Radio City Music Hall.

Donnie Fletcher -- This cornerback went into his senior season with a great chance of being drafted. He is a sure tackler, and has good size and speed that could easily translate into the NFL. Unfortunately his draft stock took a huge hit after a injury filled senior season and a subpar Senior Bowl. However, I still feel he could be a fit somewhere in the NFL, either as a nickel cornerback or special teams player. Prediction: Sixth or Seventh Round Pick

Ryan Quigley -- Quigley averaged just 37.8 yard per punt last season, but the stats are deceiving here as Quigley was arguably the best player BC had last year not named Luke Kuechly. Quigley constantly kept the Eagles out of trouble with great control of his kicks, pinning opponents inside the 20 almost automatically. His name hasn't popped up on draft boards, but remember only one punter was selected in the entire 2011 draft. Call it being a homer, but I have a feeling he will end up with some NFL team in camp. Prediction: Rookie Free Agent

Mark Spinney -- BC's 2011 center has the size and height to be an serviceable center, however injuries plagued Spinney's final season on the Heights. Could a team take a chance on him? Maybe if he showed that he is healthy enough to contribute. Unfortunately, I don't think he will hear his name this weekend, but could catch on before camp starts. Prediction: Rookie Free Agent

Max Holloway -- One of the more shocking pieces of news this off season was when Holloway declared for the NFL draft. He certainly has the size and skill to catch on somewhere, but his production at BC never seemed NFL ready. He played in all 12 games in 2012, recording 47 tackles, but his sack totals were cut in half from 2010. There hasn't been any real talk about him getting drafted, and I don't suspect he will be. Prediction: UFL, CFL, NFL Europe or Arena Football?

Ifeanyi Momah -- Still pretty bummed that Momah didn't get to play a full final season for the Eagles. In his one game against Northwestern last year he looked brilliant, making eight catches for 157 yards. However a knee injury robbed him of his 2011 season, and the NCAA robbed him of finishing his career. Reports have said that he is still rehabbing the knee. If he had one full season he probably would be worth an NFL team nabbing him with a low pick, but the fact that he can't work out basically eliminates his chances to be drafted. Unless he can get himself completely healthy by July, I don't see him catching on this year. Prediction: Catching on in the NFL in 2013.

Those are just some of my predictions. What are your thoughts about the Eagles' chances in the NFL Draft this weekend?