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Boston College To Offer Travel Package To Army Football Game

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I have made it clear how we feel about the current state of BC Athletics time and time again. With a few exceptions, Boston College is near the bottom of almost every sport and how has the administration responded? By taunting us and discounting our dissent. For many fans disgust has turned to apathy, as fans clamor for ways to make a difference and tell Boston College how they can make a difference.

Obviously the easiest way to influence BC is through their wallet, and the donations they need to make the athletic programs run and GDF to get his bloated paycheck. This afternoon the Flynn Fund sent out an email announcing a special opportunity involving the Army-Boston College game:

The Flynn Fund boat trip will depart from Manhattan on the morning of October 6. The approximately three hour trip will include an open bar and full meal, serving as a floating tailgate up the Hudson River! All participants will be bused back to Manhattan immediately following the game. The cost of the trip is $275 per person. Each package includes: chartered boat transportation from Manhattan to West Point, bus transportation from West Point to Manhattan, pre and post-game meals, a game ticket and guaranteed fun with fellow Flynn Fund donors.

Space on the boat will be limited: accepting reservations and payment for the trip will be held on a first-come, first-served basis. We anticipate a high level of interest in this trip and encourage you to respond immediately if you are interested. In order to guarantee the boat we must have payment and adequate interest by June 15, 2012!

Wow, sounds like fun. On one hand I am glad to see Boston College is at least attempting to get their fans to the game, even if it costs a cool $550 with no tailgating involved.

On the other hand if you want to send a powerful message to Boston College, don't attend this event. If BC can't get enough donors to charter this boat, it would be a huge victory for those of us that are tired of an administration that cares little for it's fanbase (other than their wallet). For those of us that want change, this is an easy step you can take to say "You aren't getting another dime in donations until something changes."

As always we want to support our Eagles, so if you want to go to the Army game, by all means go for it. But do it through the Army website and make sure the Flynn Fund, the financial arm of Gene DeFilippo doesn't benefit from it.