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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: Basketball Season Review 2011-12

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It's been quite some time since we last checked in on the great time waster of the 2011 offseason -- the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft. With the 2011-12 college basketball season coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to evaluate how the six conferences performed on the hardwood this season.

Of course, we all know that college basketball is not the driving force behind conference realignment, so programs considered college basketball royalty probably weren't at the top of the six conference commissioners' draft boards. Consider that the eventual National Champs -- Kentucky -- were selected in the sixth round (32nd overall) by the House of a Thousand Sanctions. And with House of a Thousand Sanctions first pick, they selected 6-26 USC. So it goes.

Here's how the six conferences measured up in terms of overall W-L in 2011-12:

6. The Empire, 211-186 (.531)

Best Team: California 24-10 (6th round, 34th overall)
Worst Team: Arizona State 10-21 (8th round, 46th overall)

With Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas A&M drafted 1-4, The Empire was clearly not built to be a college basketball powerhouse. As a conference overall, they finished with the worst record of the six (211-186). The top three teams by wins were Cal (24 wins), Arizona (23) and Alabama (21) so, yeah.

5. The Cult Of Les Miles, 255-176 (.561)

Best Team: North Carolina 32-6 (3rd round, 18th overall)
Worst Team: South Carolina 10-21 (8th round, 43rd overall)

The Cult made the most of its third round pick taking North Carolina, but solid basketball performances in 2011-12 were hard to come by. For every North Carolina (32 wins), Michigan (24) and Stanford (26) there was a Florida Atlantic (11 wins), Georgia Tech (11) and South Carolina (10 wins).

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, 228-177 (.563)

Best Team: Kansas 32-7 (6th round, 35th overall)
Worst Team: Texas Tech 8-23 (11th round, 62nd overall)

The Sisterhood edged out The Cult by two one thousands of a point in overall winning percentage to take fourth. Kansas was a steal in the sixth round, winning the Big 12 for the fifteenth straight season (or something like that) and posting a 32-7 overall record. Texas Tech? Not so much. The Sisterhood used their 11th round pick on the Red Raiders and were rewarded with just eight total wins.

3. The Twelve Pack, 242-162 (.599)

Best Team: Duke 27-7 (6th round, 36th overall)
Worst Team: Boston College 9-22 (9th round, 49th overall)

Our conference finished a respectable third out of six. The Twelve Pack didn't lay claim to any 30-game winners, but did get 20+ wins out of seven programs -- Duke (27 wins), Wisconsin (26), Washington (24), Minnesota (23), Purdue (22), Virginia (22) and Texas (20). As for BC, well ... yeah.

2. Conference TMZ, 269-146 (.648)

Best Team: Missouri 30-5 (7th round, 40th overall)
Worst Team: Utah 6-25 (8th round, 45th overall)

Conference TMZ was one of two conferences to really crush in when it comes to college basketball this past season. The conference claimed three 30+ game winners in Ohio State (31-8), Missouri (30-5) and Louisville (30-10) as well as receiving strong seasons from Michigan State (29-8), Cincinnati (26-11) and Florida State (25-10). The only real blemish on Conference TMZ's 2011-12 resume was Utah, who finished with a record of just 6-25 in a weak Pac-12 this year.

1. House of a Thousand Sanctions, 277-143 (.660)

Best Team: Syracuse 34-3 (5th round, 29th overall)
Worst Team: USC 6-26 (1st round, 5th overall)

Finally, we get to the best of the best in terms of SB Nation Conference Re-Draft basketball conferences, the House of a Thousand Sanctions. Appropriately, Syracuse was the best program in the House of a Thousand Sanctions and the eventual National Champion Kentucky Wildcats also call this conference home (which can't be a good omen for Wildcat fans). Syracuse and Kentucky alone account for 72 of the conferences 277 wins, or a little over one-fourth of the win total. As mentioned above the only blemish was the House of 1K Sanctions first round draft pick, USC, which rivaled Utah for worst program in a major conference in 2011-12.

So congratulations are in order to the House of a Thousand Sanctions, who can enjoy their 2011-12 SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Men's Basketball National Championship. That is until the NCAA digs a bit deeper into John Calipari's Kentucky program ...

Bonus: Conference Re-Draft college hockey rewind.

The Twelve Pack was able to overcome an off year from Wisconsin (17-18-2) to claim this year's SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Men's Ice Hockey National Championship. The conference placed two programs in the Final Four and drafted the eventual National Champion in the 9th round, 49th overall.


1. Twelve Pack, 78-42-4 (.645) -- Boston College, Minnesota, Wisconsin
2. The Cult of Les Miles, 24-13-4 (.634) -- Michigan
3. House of a Thousand Sanctions, 40-29-10 (.570) -- Notre Dame, Air Force
4. Conference TMZ, 34-31-9 (.520) -- Ohio State, Michigan State
5. The Empire, 16-19-4 (.462) -- Connecticut
6. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, DNP