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Newspapers In College Hockey Markets Ignore Frozen Four


The lack of coverage of college hockey by ESPN has been well documented, but the Worldwide Leader wasn't the only media outlet to ignore this year's Frozen Four. Check out this letter to the editor.

To the Editor:

When I opened the Sunday, April 8, Sports section, the first thing I looked for was a write-up on the NCAA championship hockey game. I was astounded to find nothing on it, not even a line. I also looked for some mention of the game in Saturday's paper and found nothing there, either.

I'm not a Boston College or Ferris State graduate, but I am a fan of college hockey and check on the scores from time to time, especially for our local teams such as Cornell, Colgate, Clarkson and St. Lawrence. I doubt I'm alone as a fan.

By the way, BC won 4-1. It was a very exciting, close, well-played game.

Donald Rich, Fayetteville

Editor's note: We blew it, and we're sorry.

That's a letter to the editor sent to the Syracuse-based The Post-Standard, a fairly significant college hockey market if ever there was one.

I heard similar complains from my family looking for news of Boston College's most recent Championship in the Philadelphia papers where BC's 4-1 victory over Ferris State went unmentioned in the print edition of the Inquirer. The city of Philadelphia will host the 2014 Frozen Four, Penn State will elevate its club program to Division I in time for the 2013-14 season and local product Johnny Gaudreau (Carneys Point, NJ) stole the show in the final.

It takes little to no effort to take the AP's story on the BC-Ferris State Championship game -- all of four paragraphs, I'm sure -- and throw it towards the back of the Sunday sports section. Just a sad commentary of the state of the U.S. newspaper industry. Or college hockey. Both?