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Boston College Daily Links: Kuechly 'The Man' In The Middle

Will the Eagles select BC linebacker Kuechly? (Courier-Post)
But the general manager perhaps let his intentions about Kuechly be known when he said the recent trade for middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans gives the team “flexibility in the draft.” That could have been Roseman’s way of informing the masses that Kuechly, a projected first-round pick, isn’t tops on their wish list.

Boston College linebacker is 'The Man' in the middle (The Buffalo News)
"I think I do a pretty good job preparing myself," Kuechly said. "That's something I take pride in; being prepared and knowing what each individual guy is responsible for. I can point at different guys, and let them know what they're doing if they have questions. Doing that, and knowing what everyone is doing, you can play faster. It allows you to be more successful."

Man or machine (
"You’ve got to be right at what you’re doing. You’ve got to get in the playbook. You’ve got to study," Kuechly said. "That’s your job now, so you’ve got to take time that you probably otherwise wouldn’t previously to get in that playbook. If you can be confident in what you’re doing, you earn guys’ respect quicker that way."

Sean Williams: I like Boston (
"It’s not about my career – it’s more about my life and getting better in everything," said Williams, who had some well-chronicled problems, including two suspensions while at BC, early in his career. "All of your experiences, you take them with you. Hopefully you make the best out of the next step you take, every day.

Erik Johnson Hires The Women's Basketball Staff (
Yvonne Hawkins, Shelley Sheetz, Lisa Faulkner and Chris Brann have all been named to the Boston College women's basketball staff this week by head coach Erik Johnson. This will be the second stint at Boston College for both Hawkins and Brann. Hawkins, a native of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, was an assistant coach at BC from 2004-08. Brann, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, was the Director of Operations for the women's basketball program from 2006-09.

Donovan Henry picks NU over BC football (
"It was a very tough decision," Henry said. "I’ve played football all my life. When I looked at everything, I decided it was best for me to run track. I really can’t say it was one specific thing, but a combination of things."

Baseball's Moir has Emerged as a Hitter and a Leader (
As the designated hitter, the junior captain is putting up some impressive offensive numbers. He has a .309 batting average, good for third on the team, and has scored 20 runs. He is first on the team in triples with three and has stepped up during ACC play: his .355 batting average against ACC opponents is first on the team.

Sailing Picks Up 72nd Oberg Trophy (
The Boston College sailing team picked up another first place as the team won the 72nd Oberg Trophy hosted by Northeastern University over the weekend of April 14-15.