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Report: Sean Williams Returning To Boston, Joining Celtics For Playoffs

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My worst fears may soon come true:

No, god please no. Keep him as far away from the Celtics as possible. This is a nightmare of epic proportions and has to be some sort of sick joke right?

Every time Sean Williams signed with another team I kind of laughed because it never ended well. He struggled with the Nets, played in China, struggled to not vomit on the sidelines in Dallas and has basically lived in the D-League. I seriously hope Danny Ainge isn't expecting him to do anything in the playoffs.

Sean Williams has been an enigma. He was one of the most exciting players to ever don the Maroon and Gold and I have never seen a defender like him. Watching him block a shot was beautiful. However, I will never forget what Williams did to one of the most talented BC basketball teams we may ever see. BC could have been a Final Four team with Williams, but without him they got pushed around by Roy Hibbert and Georgetown. He was such a talent and he wasted it all.

But now he is back in Boston and will be playing basketball again. This time, a little further down the Green Line. Makes you wonder though whether is he still banned from stepping onto Boston College's campus.