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Report: Gabe Moton Granted Release From Boston College

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It's been one of those "when it rains, it pours" type of winters for BC basketball. After finishing a tough season in which they finished last in the ACC, BC basketball lost one of their senior starters Matt Humphrey when he chose to transfer to another school for his senior season.

BC received some more bad news today as Junior guard Gabe Moton appears to be on the way out as well.

While the news is bad, because BC has lost as many athletes as they've recruited this year, the loss of Moton won't be much of a factor. Moton averaged 15 minutes a game, only scoring 2.9 points per game, but it was his defense that was his biggest asset to the team.

Best of luck to Gabe. Hope he finds whatever it is that he is looking for. And for BC, I hope Donahue is on the recruiting trail right now looking to fill yet another hole in his rotation.