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Boston College Football Spring Game Attendance Embarrassingly Low

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Alex Amidon (Via The Heights)
Alex Amidon (Via The Heights)

The Gazette compiled spring football attendance figures for the games that have already been played. No surprise that BC drew poorly as compared to the rest of the conference.

Here are the attendance figures for the ACC:

- 40,631 -- Florida St. Seminoles
- 28,000 -- Clemson Tigers
- 17,000 -- North Carolina Tar Heels
- 10,000 -- Miami Hurricanes
- 8,500 -- Virginia Cavaliers
- 5,400 -- Wake Forest Demon Deacons
- 4,617 -- Pittsburgh Panthers*
- 200 -- Boston College Eagles
- N/A -- Duke Blue Devils

I'm holding out hope that there were fewer than 200 folks at the Duke spring game, but I have a feeling I'll end up disappointed. That attendance total is the lowest in the country of the games played to date. The Big Lead took note of the Eagles' poor spring game attendance figure:

"Dead last? Boston College, which drew 200 fans. Let's see ... how are you going to spend a lovely Saturday in Boston? Watching the dreadful Eagles toss the pigskin around? I'm going to guess no."

Just a tad bit embarrassing when lower division programs like Georgia Southern (2,500), Western Carolina (1,500), William & Mary (1,500), Coastal Carolina (1,272), South Carolina State (600), Michigan Tech (562) and Richmond (500) all outdraw a BCS conference program for its spring game. But this is what happens when you move the spring game back into March, the local media barely pays any attention and expectations and fan interest in the program are as low as they have been in well over a decade.

* soon