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Boston College Hockey Holds National Title Celebration

The mood was cheerful, the fans were there, and around 6 o'clock the party really began for the Boston College Eagles. Scores of fans packed O'Neil Plaza as the Eagles were treated with a celebration for their fifth National Title. Many students I met there had been let out of class early to attend the event, and others watched from the classrooms in Gasson Hall as trollies passed by filled with jubilant hockey players, staff and coaches.

The event started off with a procession of the BC Screaming Eagles Marching Band, followed by the cheerleaders. VIP's were announced, including Senator John Kerry, Father Leahy, and Gene DeFilippo. The AD was booed loudly by the crowd. Seems like BC fans wanted their opportunity to have their voices heard, especially b

After some talk from the MC, past players presented the previous four titles:

Next, members of each of BC’s national championship teams brought down their respective trophies onto the stage. The 1949 team was represented by Len Ceglarski, Ed Casey and Fran Harrington. Presenting the 2001 trophy were team members Tim Kelleher, Bobby Allen and Justin Dziama. Andrew Orpik, Ken Ryan and Kyle Kucharski brought down the 2008 trophy. Next was the 2010 trophy, which was brought down by Cam Atkinson, Ben Smith and Matt Lombardi.

After each title was presented Gasson Hall's bell would toll for each of the titles. Next it was time for the 2012 team to be introduced. Each player got a separate entrance, with the seniors carrying in all this years hardware to the platform. After presenting the trophy to GDF (puke) and Father Leahy, the championship banner was unfurled from the top of the O'Neil library. After the celebration was complete, players were available for autographs and pictures.

Tommy Cross had kind words for the fans:

"It’s been unbelievable to see the support that our team has gotten this year," Cross said. "This year, it’s gotten taken to a new level, and it’s really great to see. On behalf of my teammates, we definitely appreciate it, so thank you to all the fans. The trophy is here for you guys."

This was a fantastic event that was a great way to celebrate an unforgettable season. For all the grief I give BC Athletics, credit is due for here for putting on a great party. The atmosphere was electric, the plaza was packed, and it was a fast paced celebration of greatness. Bravo BC Athletics, bravo.