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Frank Spaziani Speaks on Chase Rettig, Josh Bordner and Montel Harris

Frank Spaziani (Via The Heights)
Frank Spaziani (Via The Heights)

After yesterday's Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Game, Head Coach Frank Spaziani held court with some of the press that bothered to show up for the event. Though Spaz appeared silent through the game -- ten to twenty yards away from the action and allowing his coordinators to run the plays -- he was very vocal about some of the hot topics impacting Boston College football.

First off, Spaz addressed who will be QB1 going into the fall:

"Chase is our number one quarterback right now," Spaziani said. "As I've said before, over and over again, the jersey isn't tattooed on anybody, and you know Chase was obviously productive and finished last year. But he's got to keep making progress. We don't want our starting quarterback to look over his shoulder, but we still want him to get better. There's competition there, and coach [Doug] Martin will figure it out. Chase is our starting quarterback, and that's the way we are right now. But nothing's tattooed on anybody."

Well that answers that question. I understand the loyalty involved with standing behind your quarterback through good times and bad, but as I said yesterday Rettig looked awful. This is not to say that Josh Bordner would be any sort of improvement, but what we all saw in the Spring Game was the exact same offense and the exact same Rettig. To be fair Rettig did show some improvement to end the season, but at this point I think we all know what we are getting from him. For what it's worth this offense is going to be identical to 2011 under Rettig. I also loved how Spaz gave himself some wiggle room to make the change to Bordner if need be. Rettig better get his act together soon or he could become a backup defensive back like former quarterback Shane Cranmore.

And on the vanished Montel Harris, who was possibly the only injured BC player to not even show up for the Spring Game (Bobby Swigert, Colin Larmond Jr. and Andre Williams, among others, were all there)

I am going to go on record here and say that Montel Harris will never suit up again in a BC uniform again. Spaz sounds like he is playing the diplomat here as he dealing with getting rid of Harris. You have to be pretty naive to think that Harris' issue is only his knees at this point. Knee injuries can linger but getting knocked out of the first practice? I know this sounds depressing, but I'm guessing that Harris will be gone before students go home for the summer. Is he in Spaz's dog house or does he want to play somewhere else?

The only person that can answer that is Montel Harris, and his Twitter account has been silent for months.