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N.C. State 78, Boston College 57: Blown Opportunities Doom Eagles

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BC had their chances, but N.C. State put an end to the Boston College's 2012 season. After starting 0-7 from the field BC battled back from a 14-0 deficit to make it a game. But in the end N.C. State made more shots that they needed to hit, and BC struggled to take advantage of loads of chances from a sloppy Wolfpack team.

The game began with two of BC's trademarks -- loads of turnovers and a seven minute scoring drought. But give the Eagles credit. The team battled back by some big threes from Lonnie Jackson and great shooting from Ryan Anderson. At the end of the first half BC had a chance to really make it a game, but Jordan Daniels turned the ball over twice, which led to five easy points by C.J. Williams and Lorenzo Brown.

The Wolfpack came out sloppy to start the second half and BC cut the lead to six. But missed free throws, turnovers and some questionable calls doomed the Eagles. The key moment that put the nail in the coffin was when Dennis Clifford was called for a foul after DeShawn Painter clearly punched him. But bad calls aside, BC failed to capitalize when they needed to, and the game ended with NC State piling on some points to build up their tournament resume.

The Eagles were led by a strong performance from freshman forward Ryan Anderson who dropped 22 points and 12 rebounds. Matt Humphrey continued his baffling season, where for stretches he looked brilliant, and others he looked mind numbingly bad. Dennis Clifford had flashes of good play, but again he looked hesitant under the basket and only finished with 6 points and 3 rebounds. It will be interesting to see what his off season workout regimen looks like. Patrick Heckmann was actually a factor in this game, and looked engaged for the first time since the end of November. Jordan Daniels struggled with the turnovers.

The 2012 season is over. It's safe to say that this season was as frustrating as we had all expected. They were a young team, that went through a lot of growing pains in the first year together. There were lots of moments that were tough to watch, but also great times as well (don't ever forget the FSU game). They have a lot of work to do to be competitive next year, and 2013 may be a make or break year for Steve Donahue.

Highlights for all you masochists below.