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Boston College Daily Links: Welcome To Atlanta

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ACC Tournament

Pack focused on Boston College (ACC NOW)
"We are worried about Boston College," Williams said. "Boston College beat Florida State. Other people want to talk about other things but we have to worry about them and not look ahead."

For BC, tourney experience a bonus (ESPN Boston)
"I think each program is in different stages," Donahue said. "This is a great opportunity for us to really grow and learn what this stage is all about and let the kids experience it."

Prepping For Boston College Part III (Backing The Pack)
The Eagles rank 289th nationally in offensive efficiency and they finished dead last in league play, though the three-point shooting wasn't the big problem. They're shooting 34% from three on the year (and in league play), which at least qualifies as passable. Everything else was the problem. And I mean literally everything else--turnovers, rebounding, free throw shooting, two-point shooting, the frequency with which their shots are blocked or balls are stolen. They've cracked 1.0 points per possession in just a single game this calendar year.

Donahue wary of Leslie (ACC Now)
"I think he’s as talented as anybody in the league, for sure," Donahue said. "I think he’s made incredible strides, not only from last year but the middle of the season on, just so confident. With his size, he’s hard to guard, he can go off the dribble, he’s got a great feel for the game. Very difficult -- it’s a hard matchup for our guys, no doubt about it.

Quoting ACC Men's Basketball: March 5, 2012 (
"Well, I think in terms of individual things, I look at those guys. We're constantly evaluating guys because we're just in a spot where we're going to figure out who's our foundation, who's going forward, and I think a lot of guys have made great strides individually. I think we learned to compete a whole lot better than we did earlier in the year, whether that's defensively and rebounding and taking care of the basketball, just understanding at this level how hard it is to compete and make sure you compete on every possession. Now, the reality is there's some guys that are probably playing a lot that won't play as much in the future, and we're going to have to evaluate all that. But I've been really pleased from November to now, just the guys' sense of how to compete in a game, and for the most part they've done it over the course of the season pretty well."

Clifford sees bright future for BC basketball (The Enterprise)
"It is definitely tough on us. It affects our confidence at a certain point. But we’ve done a good job of continuing to keep our heads high and keeping our eye on the prize and continued to get better.’’

ACC Tournament First Round Matchups As Bojangles Menu Items (Blogger So Dear)
BC = green beans?


Atlantic won't roll over for FSU, Clemson (ESPN ACC Blog)
"Here’s the way I’ve always looked at the competition," said BC coach Frank Spaziani. "As the competition gets better, everybody else better get better and move forward. There are a lot of other areas to it than just that."

Boston College offers Moeller junior LB Shane Jones (
Jones, who is 6 feet 1 and 218 pounds, also has offers from UC, Akron, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Penn State, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Arizona, Louisville and Ohio University.

Soto plans Boston College trip (
Soto, a 6-foot-4, 235-pound prospect, has been offered by Boston College, Temple, Kent State and UMass so far and the Northeast Pennsylvania prospect is planning to take two visits this weekend.