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Former Guard Tyrese Rice Joins Growing List Of BC Athletes Upset With School

Yesterday after the Boston Metro wrote their expose on the decline of Boston College Athletics, another interesting event occurred last night. Former Boston College guard Tyrese Rice, an all-time great on the hardwood, slammed the Eagles on Twitter. However by the time I got around to writing this post, Rice had deleted it.

But one of the joys of Twitter is the retweet button, and Jared Dudley had already retweeted Rice's tweet:

Now could Rice just be upset over something minor? Sure. But the insinuation that "outsiders" don't know what is going on implies that there is much more turmoil behind the scenes that the general public is not aware of. And whatever happened to Rice, or maybe his teammates, it must have irked him enough that he went on a public forum to voice his displeasure. This comes as a kind of a suprise because other than some spats with Al Skinner, Rice never had any big discipline issues at BC.

Rice joins the list of athletes that have come out critically of BC Athletics. The list also includes Steve Lively and Matt Tennant, and those are the only the athletes that have gone public with their discontent. How many other athletes are upset with the way they were treated and the direction of the program? The Metro post yesterday hinted at many others, and so did the Lively letter. You have to think that as the program continues to struggle, more and more frustrated alumni will come out and speak out against Gene DeFilippo.