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BC Interruption: Two Million Strong And Growing

Site Views 2mil
Site Views 2mil

In some site related news, BC Interruption has gone over the two million unique visitor mark since joining SB Nation. That is pretty awesome, since we have had over a million unique visitors in a little over nine months. It was only last June that we were celebrating our first million unique visitors, which took a few years.

I've been around these parts the past year. We have been busy around here between the conference realignment, the NEGNAN posts about GDF and Spaz and all the random posts about baseball, women's hockey and rugby. It's been a lot of fun, and we are all so happy that you have chosen us as your place for everything BC.

I have only been a writer here for roughly a year, and I want to thank all the other contributors who write for the site. Grant Salzano adds a real strong knowledge of both men and women's hockey that is unmatched on the BC blogsphere, and Conrad is a fantastic read on all things BC basketball.

To Jeff and Brian, thank you for having me aboard. Your leadership and dedication to the site have given direction to a community that proves that there is an Eagles fan base that lives and breathes Boston College Athletics. Brian, I have no idea how you find time to write so much and my god you are thorough. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

To all the fans, keep reading, commenting, and making us laugh in the comments. While we spend the time coming up with the posts, you all are the true life blood of BC Interruption. It would be awfully boring writing without all of your contributions to the site. And if you are the silent type that sits back and just likes to read us, well, thank you too!

Some sizzing site stats to consider:

Posts: 3,182
Site Members: 1,430
FanPosts: 176
Fanshots: 1,195
BC Interruption Twitter Followers: 2,872 -- Follow us, please!
Facebook Followers: 638 -- Like us, please!