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The State Of Boston College Football Recruiting: Walk Ons And Poor Communication

We have spoken at length about the 2012 Boston College recruiting class. Unless you truly believe that BC is going to turn all these diamond in the roughs into gems, you have to be disappointed. For a team with depth issues and extra scholarships, Frank Spaziani did little to help improve his team for the future. Spaz responded by saying that he is holding onto those scholarships for late signings and walk-ons.

Earlier this week he used his first scholarship on George Craan, a player that didn't hold any offers, but drew interest from BC after they whiffed on all their other running back targets. Craan is not a terrible get. He did well in the playoffs, but again he fits the role of "recruit that no one else wanted" that BC seems to be focusing on. Could he be serviceable? Sure.

Over the weekend BC filled another of their empty roster spots. This time it was with a walk-on named Carmen Dello Iacono III.

"At the end of the try-out they told me I made the team," Dello Iacono said. "I love the sport. Every since I stopped playing in high school, I knew I wanted to play in college."

Dello Iacono III, will wear the number 87 as a tight end on the Eagles' depth chart.

A Boston College football spokesperson couldn't be reached for comment.

The DHS graduate, a freshman at Boston College, said he spent months training in the weight room and running around a resevoir near the B.C. campus.

Iacono graduated from high school in 2011 and hasn't played football since. He is coming from a high school that has sent zero FBS quality recruits into college football. No offense to Iacono -- it's a nice feel good story -- but this just highlights how completely dysfunctional Eagles recruiting has become.

BC needs to build depth if they want to contend against the better teams, and filling roster spots with walk-ons is just not going to cut it.

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But maybe Spaz knows something we don't know, and wants to focus his efforts on the Class of 2013 instead. Maybe they have more talent that fits Spaz's idea of a BC athlete. Coaches Ryan Day, Dave Brock and Ben Sirmans were all some of the major recruiters and now they are all gone, and no one has picked up the slack.

Take the case of Mike McGlinchey, a 2013 OT from New Jersey:

"I haven't been in contact with them a lot since the coaching changes," McGlinchey said. "I haven't spoken to them much since then. They're still obviously an option but I don't know what's going on with them. It's kind of hard to determine what my situation is going to be with them."

Coaching changes is no excuse for a lack of communication. That all falls on the head coach who should be delegating which coach is working with each recruiting target. Leaving recruits in the dark is completely unacceptable. What this sounds like is a recruiting staff that is either very lazy or very disorganized. And that is all going to paint BC in a negative light.

The state of BC recruiting is very aggravating, because as we have seen BC seems to be going backwards and they need to rely on solid recruiting to fix that. Ignoring recruits, and using fills in from campus is not going to cut it if they want to improve. BC has lost many of their experienced recruiters, and have replaced them with a bunch of question marks.

Personally, I am not only worried about the present condition of this program, but I am also absolutely terrified for the future of it.