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46, 23, 38, 4, 2, 23: Mega Millions Winning Numbers At The Heights

Yeah, so I didn't win Mega Millions last night. And neither did you. Sad. The winning ticket was sold in Baltimore County, Maryland, though the actual winner and the store that sold the winning ticket are still not yet know. The Mega Millions winning lottery numbers are as follows:


  • 46 ... bust
  • Patrick Brown
  • 38 ... nope
  • Tommy Cross
  • Brian Dumoulin
  • Patrick Brown

Takeaways: Montel Harris will return to form to break the ACC's all-time rushing record and Jim Noel will have a monster year in the secondary. Also, Paul Maglio emerges out of the Eagles' crowded backfield to become the #2 back behind Harris. Or, Cross and Dumo both game winning goals score in next week's Frozen Four and the Eagles slap around the Gophers and Bulldogs so bad that Pat Brown gets a few shifts rolling with the fourth line. Either way.