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Timing Of The Spring Game? And The Big Finish

Brian: For the first time since 2004 -- maybe ever? -- Boston College football's spring game will be played before the month of March is out. Spaz decided to move spring camp up this week since the team failed to qualify for a bowl for the first time since 1998 and didn't have the opportunity to practice in December.

"We haven't been on the field since Thanksgiving, so we had plenty of time off," Spaziani said on Thursday. He also noted that the calendar had an effect on the decision. Since Easter is early this year, the usual spring football schedule would have been broken into two segments, forcing it to drag on. "So [it is a combination of] those things, and having more time to heal after spring ball, get ready for the season, which is an important season. All of those factors went into it."

I suppose the logic behind the Easter vacation makes sense considering BC is, you know, a Catholic school. And the extra time could help players like Montel Harris return from injury more quickly. I also get the continuity argument with the team having sat idle since Thanksgiving weekend.

But it's also March ... in Massachusetts. The weather forecast for today calls for snow / showers and a high of just 42 degrees. With the weather as bad as it is, attendance will probably be very poor today. Still agree with Spaz's decision to move spring ball up a couple weeks? Or is this really no big deal either way? Your thoughts?

Jeff: Attendance would be poor even if it were 75 degrees and sunny. I am trying to figure out something that I want to learn during the game but there really isn't anything. Hopefully a new face will make a bunch of plays, but spring game success doesn't always translate to the fall anyways. Since Matt Ryan, the spring game was almost always about the quarterback. Maybe last year it was more about Kevin Rogers, but still how he would handle the quarterback. This year there is a new OC again but since the offense didn't really have an identity last season, it's going to be hard to watch the spring game and figure out what this guy will do differently for the fall.

So for me, March or April, good weather or bad weather, the game is not a big deal this year.

Big Finish

Brian: Windy City Gridiron has Kuechly falling to no. 19 and the Chicago Bears in their 2012 NFL Mock Draft. Will he be available at #19?

Jeff: That would surprise me.

Jeff: Do you expect the offense to shine today as they did in the second scrimmage?

Brian: With the weather forecast the way it is, not really. No.

Brian: Big Lead Sports thinks that next season will be the first year in a long time that Duke or Carolina don't come away with the men's basketball title. Agree? Who do you like to emerge as the favorite next season?

Jeff: Both programs will be rebuilding so maybe BC swoops in?

Jeff: There are 13 ACC grads playing in the Master's this week. Are you rooting for them and does one win it?

Brian: I'm going to assume there are no BC guys in the field so ... sure?

Brian: Pino's is 1/3 as old as Boston College, celebrating its 50th anniversary next month. Let's see if you can piss off 1/2 of our readers. Who's got the better slice? Presto's or Pino's?

Jeff: Presto's!

Jeff: How many snaps for my boy Shinskie today?

Brian: Five? What are the rules? How we running this thing again?

Brian: Last one. Final Four semifinals this weekend. Who ya got advancing to the National Championship Game on Monday?

Jeff: Kentucky-Kansas final with Kentucky winning it all.