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Boston College Spring Football: Reasons To Attend The Game

Come at me bro'!
Come at me bro'!

Tomorrow is the Jay McGillis Spring Game at Boston College. The weather is predicted to be pretty bad, with snow and slush on the horizon, so best guesses say that most fans are probably going to stay home. But there are many reasons why you actually should attend the game. Sure there are probably a million reasons not to go: lousy weather, low expectations for the team, disdain for the current administration. But I wracked my brain, and came up with some solid reasons for attending the game.

1. Support the team: Look say what you will about the coaching staff and the administration, but they aren't the ones on the field. These kids are likeable! BC always puts character players on the field, and I imagine this team will be no different. Show them that their effort is not for naught by cheering them on. I want to see them succeed, no matter who is coaching them.

2. College football in March? Tomorrow is going to be the one and only time you will get to see your beloved BC Eagles before their home opener in September against Miami. If you are like me you probably are a college football fiend, and need as much of it as possible. You probably love watching the game no matter the situation, and will take whatever you can get. Well the Spring Game is your last chance until you have to *gulp* watch baseball, or Tivo'd games from last year for four months.

3. Check out a new star. Last year it was pretty clear that going into the season that Luke Kuechly and Montel Harris were going to be the stars of the team. Now they are gone, and the team has a lot of solid players, but no one that screams out "Hey All ACC Team right here!". Could you see the blossoming of a new superstar at the Spring Game? What if Brian Miller does what Spaz thinks he is capable of, and becomes a hybrid WR/TE a la Aaron Hernandez? What if Chase Rettig or Josh Bordner really click in the new system? What if Sean Duggan continues the legacy of great linebackers by sacking Mike Marscovetra four times in the spring game? Wouldn't it be great to have that knowledge and excitement going into the fall?

4. Say goodbye to the field turf. Oh Field Turf we have had such a great relationship. And now like a scorned love, BC has turned their back on you for the newer sexier Astroturf. Saturday's Spring Game will be the final game BC plays on the Field Turf before they tear it up and replace it with Astroturf for the 2012 season. Come to the game and say goodbye to the old artificial surface. We have been through a lot together.

5. Doug Martin, say hello the new boss, same as the old boss? We here at BC Interruption have been very skeptical about the new Offensive Coordinator, mainly because he was Spaz's fifth option, and because we have seen three guys before him come in and throw the same generic vanilla scheme on the field. Spaz now has his feet on the fire, and he knows that if he doesn't change things soon he is toast. Will Doug Martin really implement a vertical passing game, and speed up the tempo of BC's offense? Tomorrow should be a good indicator.

6. Listening to Spaz scream at his players. I don't know why, but I love sitting behind the Spazinator and listen to him flip his lid at his players. I probably enjoy the most because in my head I am losing my cool as well, but not at the players, just at Spaz.

7. The challenge of figuring out of scoring system of the McGillis Game. Over the past three years I think I finally figured it out. It's offense vs defense, and each team scores points based on certain plays. If the offense scores, gets a first down, or runs three times and punts the ball they get a point. If the defense stuffs the running back, causes a three and out or allows the offense to look like Baylor they get a point. Got it right?

8. This could be Spaz's last Spring Game as Head Coach. Oh that get's me excited. Really really excited.

See, I came up with eight reasons to attend the game. Of course if you are a local BC fan you probably have your own reasons for showing up. What reasons do you have for attending the game?