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What Do We Wear? We Wear Gold

via <a href="">Graham Beck, Heights Editor</a>
via Graham Beck, Heights Editor

Great article in New England Hockey Journal about the genesis of the Frozen Fenway gold sweaters, which apparently were the brainchild of a former Boston College hockey captain.

"The jerseys were the brainchild of Jack Cadagan, a 1958 BC alum who captained the Eagles in his senior season. When he heard BC was going to play at Fenway Park, he asked York if the team had a special jersey for the occasion, as many teams have for the recent spate of outdoor games. York told him they hadn't come up with one.

"He said, ‘well I'd like to make a donation to get a special jersey,'" York said. "So we went back to an old jersey BC used to wear. They were white when we wore them, we got the gold in."

It's no secret that the Eagles have been successful while wearing the gold sweaters. BC is 8-0 in all, having won some big games including Frozen Fenway, the Beanpot, the Hockey East Tournament Championship and last weekend's Northeast Regional Final over Duluth.

1/14 vs. Northeastern W 2-1
1/27 New Hampshire W 4-3
2/6 vs. Northeastern W 7-1
2/13 vs. Boston University W 3-2 OT
3/3 Vermont W 4-0
3/17 vs. Maine W 4-1
3/24 vs. Air Force W 2-0
3/25 vs. Minnesota-Duluth W 4-0

One of the benefits of being the NCAA Tournament's top seed is that York and captain Tommy Cross can choose whether they want to wear the home whites or the gold alternate sweaters in next week's Frozen Four. And while there is still some time to decide, I doubt there's much of a decision to be made here.

"We've got to keep wearing those suckers," York said, launching into what sounds an awful lot like a locker-room-wall motto.

"What do we wear? We wear gold."

Well OK then. Glad that's settled.

Go Eagles!