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Boston College Daily Links: What Makes Boston College Hockey So Good?

What makes Boston College hockey so good? (ESPN Boston)
The Eagles have an abundance of blue-chip talent, rolling four lines with little drop-off in offensive pop on the top three. All 12 forwards can score -- defensive specialist Barry Almeida has 22 goals this season, almost doubling his career output -- and all backcheck like banshees. They have big, agile defenders who can headman the puck and clear space in front of their own net. And goaltender Parker Milner looks capable of stopping every shot he sees right now.

Milner went 8-0-0 with a 0.88 goals against average and a .971 save percentage. He recorded two shutouts and combined with Chris Venti on a third. Held opponents to two goals or fewer in all eight games and held opponents to one goal or fewer six times. Milner was the first goaltender since Cory Schneider in 2006 to post back-to-back shutouts in the NCAA regionals.

Boston College has plenty of incentive (
"The (Northeast) region was a really hard climb for us," said York, whose Eagles handed Air Force its first shutout loss, 2-0, before blanking defending champion Minnesota-Duluth, 4-0, in a hard-hitting affair. "The hardest thing for a team to do at this time of year is take away another team’s sticks. It’s hard to do."

My prediction for the Frozen Four (
Having watched a lot of college hockey this season, Boston College is hands down the best hockey team that I have seen play this season. I have not seen many teams that can match B.C.’s speed, not even the Gophers can.

Wall of fame a real honor for Chris Kreider (
As for the big hit he took Sunday, Kreider said, "I tried to get around him and he got kind of low. I was worried about getting hit in my knees so I kind of jumped in the air and he caught me. I was lucky enough that I kind of rolled on my shoulder and didn’t get hurt."

NHL - John Buccigross: Answering your tweets and old-fashioned emails (ESPN)
Chris Kreider is the most complete player I have seen in terms of NHL-ready skill. He has good size (6-foot-3, 225 pounds), is a very good skater and shoots quickly and powerfully, like a man. Plus, he turns only 21 on April 30. Of course, other things make a hockey player like the Boston College junior. How fast will he figure out the NHL game? How confrontational will he be and how much sandpaper will he have? Will he dedicate himself to the game with fervor and passion like a Steven Stamkos does? Only time will tell on those factors. Also, defensemen are hard to forecast. They have either reached their peak, can't adjust to the faster/bigger players of the NHL or they keep getting better.

Myers: Boston College makes for a daunting Frozen Four foe (1500 ESPN Twin Cities)
"The mission of a college hockey team is to collect significant trophies," York said this week. "And there's none shinier than the one they're going to present a week from Saturday."

Davids and Goliaths balance Frozen Four (
"It wasn't a lot about what we said," Boyle said. "The guys figured out who they played with and kind of always gelled with lines set and everyone knew their role. They know how to hit their stride and it's good. They run a tight ship and work hard. It's tough to beat them; even in practices they get better and better. You've got to credit the coaches and you've got to credit the players. They go in and want to win a championship."

BC power forward Arnold dishes out punishment (
"He’s on our power play, our PK, when its 5-on-4 for or 5-on-3 against, he’s our key guy," said BC coach Jerry York. "He’s a big body, he blocks shots and he is a smart player. So when you look at your bench and you try and determine who is the player you need in this situation, he’s there.

INCH Measures Up: Paul Carey, Boston College (Inside College Hockey)
It’s pretty easy to be a leader at BC because Coach York does such a great job of recruiting great young guys. The younger guys don’t need too much advice, they just go about their day and they try to mimic the upperclassmen because we have been there and we have been very successful. I think that being great kids and having good character, it’s really easy to lead these guys.

Edwin Shea gets it done (
"He’s not overly physical and he’s not overly quick, but he’s just a hockey player,’’ York said. "So, to describe him I can’t say, ‘is he going to awe you with stick-handling or with physical play?’ He’s not going to do that but he’s just steady. He knows the game. He’s really good at just being a hockey player."

BC's Alber surpasses expectations (Times Union)
Small for his position at 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds, Alber is third on the team with a plus-15 rating. He's also got a goal and 13 assists for the Eagles (31-10-1). "For a smaller guy, he competes hard," BC senior defenseman Tommy Cross said.