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Boston College Football Recruiting: Matt McGlinchey To Notre Dame A Bad Omen For 2013 Class

Frank Spaziani
Frank Spaziani

Class of 2013 recruit Mike McGlinchey an offensive lineman and cousin of Matt Ryan, has made his commitment. And it isn't Boston College.

McGlinchey, a 6-foot-7, 285 pound offensive lineman from William Penn Charter School (Penn.) has verbally committed to Notre Dame. McGlinchey had quite the impressive offer sheet, with offers from Duke, Florida, Florida State, Iowa, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, Temple, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin, among others.

You'd think that Matty Ryan would have sold Boston College to his cousin, but it doesn't sound that way:

"I definitely knew I wanted to go to Notre Dame, but I wasn't going to make a decision without talking to my mom first. I spoke to Matt [Ryan], and he told me to do what was right for me. I have. This allows me to get in more and focus on school and working out. It gives me a chance to relax and get ready for my senior year and enjoy it."

If Matt Ryan truly believe in Boston College, he would have stumped hard for his alma mater. But it sounds like even he isn't sold on this school anymore, not even selling it to his own cousin. That is pretty weak and it isn't his fault. I'd be interested to hear what Matt really thinks of the state of the Eagles' football program.

Recruiting at Boston College has struggled under Frank Spaziani. Over the past ten years fans have watched as BC has fallen from from a Top 50 recruiting class to a class that is losing recruits to Harvard and Northeastern track. Much of the blame has been on the current coaching staff, who can not seem to sell their own program. Fellow BC blogger Eagle in Atlanta sums it up nicely.

Is Spaz's heart in recruiting? Even before this latest layup recruit slipped through our fingers, there have been rumors that winning games is more important to Spaz than wooing the latest high school kid. How much more intense will he be with his job really on the line? Recruiting is hard and only gets harder as things start to slip. Spaz is incorporating new staffers and trying to bounce back from his first losing season. Does he want to be out selling? Is that vibe and feeling surrounding recruiting going to get better as things drag on?

Matt Ryan wasn't a Spaz recruit, so who knows? Maybe he isn't a big Spaz guy. But you know who is? Starting quarterback Chase Rettig. And his brother Hayden is a highly sought after recruit that BC is targeting. If Spaz has anything left in his tank, and can still sell his program to recruits, Hayden will be the key to proving this to a skeptical fanbase. But if Hayden blows off BC and runs off to another program, it will just be more writing on the wall -- writing that draws BC as a rudderless ship, without a captain, wandering aimlessly through the (soon expanding) seas of the ACC.