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Boston College Spring Football: Position Battles To Watch

Yesterday we looked at some of the questions and story lines entering the Jay McGillis Spring Game. While there are many questions, there are also quite a few position battles that should be interesting to keep an eye on. Here are just a few that bear watching:

1. The Cornerback Situation: Wlll C.J Jones be able to completely rebound from his injury to be the top cornerback or will Al Louis Jean step up? And if BC decides to go with a nickel or dime package who will be the third or fourth cornerback? Looking at the depth chart right now is scary as there is a whole slew of question marks after ALJ. Zach Wolfe, Ameer Richardson and James McAffrey all are on the two deep, and none of them have significant experience.

2. Third Wide Receiver: With all the talk about BC's new gameplan, and an emphasis on the vertical passing game this will be a position battle worth watching. Last year the number three was Alex Amidon or Jonathan Coleman, but with Doug Martin taking over could things change this year? Coleman hasn't put together a successful game yet, so his job has to be in jeopardy, especially with all the options on the roster. Spiffy Evans had limited play last season, but might he catch the eye of the new OC? Or could it be converted tight end Brian Miller who Spaz has been praising all spring? Or will a freshman step up to be the go to guy?

3. Defensive End: Kasim Edebali is listed as the starter on one end, with Brian Mahilik listed on the other end. Edebali seems to be a favorite of Spaz's even though his production was questionable last season. There is plenty of youth lined up behind these guys just waiting to get a chance. Could BC move in Mehdi Abdesmad or Connor Wujciak if Edebali/Mahilik struggle?

4. Running Back: I spoke at length about this yesterday. I am not completely sold with Deuce Finch as the starting running back. Spaz hasn't named a starter instead listing "Tahj Kimble or Rolandan Finch" as the co starters. Montel Harris is out for the spring, so his role won't be revealed until the summer. Guessing that Spaz is going to go with who ever the hot hand is.

5. Strong Safety: Right now Spaz has Jim Noel and Spencer Rositano listed as co starters, so again the big man is being non committal with the starting gig. Rositano had an up and down season in his first season with the Eagles, and Noel has battled injuries. Both have definite strengths and weaknesses, but Noel has the experience, will Bill McGovern want some veteran leadership in the secondary?

6. Kick/Punt Return Specialist: BC was atrocious last year in the return game, and with new Special Teams coach Sean Desai there, things may change up. Spiffy Evans showed the biggest potential last year averaging 21.9 yards a return, followed by Tahj Kimble with just above a 20 yard per return. On the spring depth chart there is no wrinkle as Al Louis Jean who didn't return a kick is listed as a kick returner.

There are plenty of other position battles that could develop over the next few months. One of the interesting potential battles could be for the starting quarterback position, but for right now it seems like it safely belongs to Chase Rettig. Are there any other changes or potential changes that you see going forward?