UConn Blocks Alex Oriakhi From Transferring To Boston College

[Ed. note -- Front Page'd]

Alex Oriakhi was often times mentioned as a guy who could transfer to BC. Sounds like that's not happening.

Wow. I'm sure the first thought of everybody who reads this thinks, "Can they really do that?" Well yes, they can. This happened last year when a Saint Joseph's player was not allowed to transfer to Alabama. The player threatened to sue the school.

This sickens me, as it should do all of you. I hate the Dukies, don't get me wrong, but the fact that UConn is STILL pissed that BC left the Big East is just ridiculous. Oriakhi should be able to go wherever he wants. He's a kid. So what if you don't like BC?

But this also tells me he really was considering BC. Look, UConn might've not done this had he said he isn't considering BC as a destination to transfer. This is a good sign, and a fact that Donahue was clearly going after him, which he should.

The only thing that makes me happy about this is the fact that this likely puts Rutgers ahead for the 15th ACC school spot. Denying not just BC, but Duke, would infuriate the ACC.

This rule should be put down. There is no reason that the NCAA should allow schools to do this. Look, Shakim Phillips transferred from BC to UConn! And BC didn't forbid him from joining the Huskies!