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2012 NCAA Hockey Tournament: Boston College-Air Force Drinking Game

Frozen Four
Frozen Four

This game is just for fun. Please do not try this at home, you might die. And we at BC Interruption like our readers alive. Cheers!

In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament it is time for another chapter in the BC Interruption Drinking Game Series. Previously BCI has done imbibing exercises for BC games against Notre Dame, Duke basketball and the Beanpot. Today we look towards the matchup between Air Force and BC Eagles. Again, please don't try this at home, it is only for entertainment purposes only unless you are Keith Richards.

  • Drink one if the announcers mention Boston College's current winning streak
  • Drink two if they talk about BC's previous national championships
  • Drink three and yell If the announcers show Gene DeFilippo looking smug in his luxury box
  • Drink three and buy a sweater vest if they show Jerry York looking dapper
  • Drink Four if they show Jerry York and you think to yourself "Man I love him, I'd let him sleep with my wife or girlfriend just because he is a legend"
  • Take a drink of "beeh" during the intermission if NESN/ESPN interviews Jerry York and every other word out of his mouth is spoken with a Boston accent.
  • Drink One if Parker Milner makes an incredible save.
  • Double your drink if you doubted Parker Milner and wanted to see another goalie at the beginning of the season.
  • No seriously, double your drink, we are all guilty of this.
  • Triple your drink if you are screaming his name after a highlight reel save
  • Drink Two and make sure to call your Northeastern friends and laugh hysterically every time Johnny Gaudreau has a "HOLY CRAP" moment
  • Drink one and spit it everywhere laughing if the telecast talks about UMass Lowell defeating Miami of Ohio last night.
  • Drink one: Every time the announcers mention the Cornell/Michigan game and mention "Could this happen today for the Eagles?"
  • Drink five and hold up your middle finger to the screen when BC makes that prediction look foolish
  • Drink four if Barry Almeida scores a short handed goal. Laugh, but it happens.
  • Drink three every time Chris Kreider almost breaks an AF defender's ankle with his great skating
  • Take a drink every time BC keeps the puck in the Air Force zone and tees off on the AF goalie.
  • God forbid, if "2011 Colorado College" happens again, just start drinking immediately and don't stop.
  • BC defeats Air Force....find any cadets at a bar and offer to buy them a drink, dudes may not win at hockey but they are heroes and have balls of steel none the less.
  • If you are proud to be a BC Eagle drink to your heart's content!