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Expectations For The Boston College Football Spring Game And The Big Finish

Brian: Last week we discussed the lack of buzz surrounding Boston College spring football. This week we are just a week away from the Jay McGillis Spring Game at Alumni Stadium. Here is the spring depth chart. What position battles are you most interested in learning more about next Saturday? Where are your areas for concern on the spring roster?

Jeff: Last week we talked about the lack of stories for this spring game so this is tough. At the top of the list of things I'm looking for is how does the O-Line look and how does Kaleb Ramsey look? I'm not too interested in position battles because the team was so young last year that there are not too many. The incumbent starters will not lose a lot of credibility just because of a bad spring game.

For this young team, the real battles start in the summer once the freshman arrive. Normally, on a more veteran team, true freshman stand little chance of starting aside from at a position a team is real weak at and a few special talents that the average fan would already know about by now. But when you have a team that was all freshman and sophomores last year, someone coming in as a true frosh has a real shot so I am going to be looking at the summer scrimmages much closer than the spring ones.

Brian: While Jaryd Rudolph probably wasn't going to start, his departure leaves the Eagles pretty thin at defensive tackle. Who do you expect to step up at the tackle positions, and is the lack of DTs on the roster worrisome?

Jeff: If Ramsey can play all year, we're already better off than last season. Quinn coming off the bench is not terrible for us but the way it's looking he will play a lot of downs. Therefore, I think he is going to have to step up in order for the D-line to have some success this season. If he can't provide a lot of energy and get a few TFLs this season, then I don't think the unit will be very effective.

Brian: I'm worried about beyond this year at DT. Spaz didn't bring in one guy from the 2012 recruiting class listed as a defensive tackle, with Malachi Moore the closest thing to a DT (listed as an end). You have Ramsey, Quinn and Murray for one more year, and Ricci and Appiah for three more. But that's it. Next year the coaches are going to have to convert either an OL or a DE to a tackle should either Ricci or Appiah go down.

Rudolph probably wouldn't have played much but at least he offered some depth and continuity on the depth chart at DT. Now Spaz will probably have to recruit another walk-on to play tackle or convert one of the guys on the roster to play the line. With Spaz and McGovern so established at BC, I doubt we'll see BC switch to more 3-4 or 3-3 formations. But the roster is not set up for future success on the DL.

BC is simply way too thin at DT and the line has been more or less gutted since Raji and Brace were clogging up the middle a few years ago.

Big Finish

Brian: The Philadelphia Eagles just traded for LB DeMeco Ryans. Where does that leave the Eagles' chances of landing Luke Kuechly?

Jeff: If Kuechly falls to 15 then the Eagles get him but they no longer will trade up for him.

Jeff: Maybe I'm too close to BC football and disappointed because we lost so many games last year, but since when was Kuechly the biggest star in the ACC to depart?

Brian: Everything about Boston College football these days disappoints / depresses me.

Brian: The Atlanta Falcons met with ECU QB Dominique Davis after his Pro Day. Any chances the Falcons take a chance on DD and reunite with Ryan?

Jeff: Who would've thought this was ever a possibility?

Jeff: ESPNU is the place for BC hockey this weekend. Are you loving more college hockey on TV this season?

Brian: Not really, no. Too many games are on tape delay, ESPN3 or regional syndication. Tournament would be much better if the games were more spread out.

Brian: Baseball ACC home opener against Georgia Tech is this weekend. Over/under on wins this weekend?

Jeff: 1.

Jeff: Let's say the Air Force win is a given. Who do the Eagles beat Sunday night to head to the Frozen Four?

Brian: Defending champs Minnesota-Duluth. You have to beat the champ to be the champ.

Brian: Last one. East Regional Final tomorrow. Who cuts down the nets with BC's logo on the TD Garden parquet?

Jeff: I am not going to pick against Syracuse but Ohio State did look good.