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TE Jameson McShea Reveals Coaching Instability Was Factor In Decision

If you think back to earlier in January, one of the most intriguing recruits that almost landed in Boston College's lap was Jameson McShea. McShea was a huge tight end, who was incredibly strong and had verballed to Temple during the summer of 2011.

Many of us thought BC would be a slam dunk, being in a major conference, with better pro potential and supposedly a better Division I program. But McShea chose the Crimson, leaving many Eagles' fans stunned. Academics was a big factor for the tight end, and he loved Harvard's coach, but he also explained there was another factor in his choice:

"There were rumors (BC head coach Frank) Spaziani might be leaving, and I didn't want to be a recruit stuck in somebody else's program," McShea said. "It was a hard decision."

Where did he hear those rumors? It couldn't be from BC itself, because Gene DeFilippo has stood by his man. He definitely didn't read it in the mainstream media as the Boston Globe and Boston Herald still haven't bothered to question anything this program has done or hasn't done in the past three years. Could other players have said something to McShea? Were other coaches telling him that Spaz's job was in jeopardy? Or was McShea just reading the blogs / messageboards / Twitter, filled with angry Superfans that want change at BC?

This quote is revealing though, because all along it appeared that many recruits were avoiding BC because the program is heading in the wrong direction headed by a coach who is being supported no matter what by a stubborn AD. It's striking to see that recruits are also being scared away by the flip side of the coin, being scared to death that the football program is about to flipped over. Whatever the reason, we the fans continue to lose out on prospects like Jameson McShea.