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Boston College Daily Links: Milner's Mastery In Net

Parker Milner shows mastery in net for Boston College hockey (The Boston Globe)
"Just getting swept by a team is a huge wake-up call for us,’’ said Milner. "Between the captains and the coaches, we made up our minds that we were going to change things from there. Just sitting at dinner watching BU and Maine play [Friday night], we love playing BU because we don’t like them. Maine, we wanted a second chance at them because that was the lowest point of our season and we wanted a second crack. We’re really happy with the effort that we gave tonight.’’

Gaudreau unstoppable, Milner magical for champion Eagles (New England Hockey Journal)
"It’s more important that we won the big trophy with the team," he said. "We have had a lot of success from every single player on the team. We are so close in the locker room. We’ve been a close team together and that has helped up along the way."

Eagles atop NCAA field (
"The NCAA basketball and hockey (tournaments) over the years, there’s been so many upsets, it’s almost hard to call them upsets anymore. So, we’re really on guard," said BC coach Jerry York. "Hey, it’s No 1-No.16 and we’re supposed to advance, but we understand the team that plays the very best that night advances."

BC hockey now goes after ultimate prize (The Boston Globe)
The snowy five-hour bus ride back to The Heights felt like 10. "We got beat up pretty bad by the Black Bears,’’ York recalled. "We thought, hey, we can be a lot better club than this. We weren’t firing on all cylinders. [Captain] Tommy Cross said in a team meeting that week that just because we wear the BC sweater doesn’t mean we’re going to be successful.’’

Why the sustained excellence at Boston College? ‘We stress trophies’ (
"We stress trophies at BC," Eagles coach Jerry York says. "We talk a lot about them. That’s your legacy. We gear toward that. "It’s a long, long season and that’s what we stress."

As No. 1 seed, BC sure to be Force (
"Congratulations on (Saturday) night," said Monan, referring to the Eagles’ 4-1 triumph against Maine in the Hockey East championship game at the Garden. "Congratulations on the whole season. You’re one of the best teams we’ve ever had here. You’re going all the way."

Air Force Falcons have no fear of Boston College hockey team (The Denver Post)
"We played well coming down the stretch. ... We didn't play particularly well against UConn in the quarterfinals, but they had something to do with that," Serratore said. "We went to Rochester (AHA Final Four) and played better. We're going to have to take it to another level or two to knock off Boston College, but we're capable."

College men's hockey: ‘Dream regional’ awaits defending champion UMD (Duluth News Tribune)
"We’re excited. It’s the closest regional (to Orono) so, hopefully, we’ll continue to get a ton of support from our fans. We had a better turnout at the (TD) Garden than Boston University and Boston College (for the Hockey East semifinals and final) and that helped us out a lot."

Kuechly making draft visit with Panthers (ESPN NFL Nation Blog)
Yeah, I know the Panthers have Jon Beason coming back from injury and he’s the unquestioned leader of this defense. But let’s think about some realities here. Kuechly is easily the best linebacker in the draft. He’s also viewed as a top-10 talent, although many have him going more in the middle of the first round. That’s because most people are matching up teams and their needs.