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No Buzz For Boston College Spring Football And The Big Finish

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Brian: Maybe it's the fact that both the men's and women's hockey teams were playing in the postseason. Or the fact that the men have now won 15 -- 15! -- straight and the Hockey East title for the third straight year. Or maybe it was Donahue's young squad trying to make a splash in the ACC Tournament. March Madness, perhaps? Whatever the reason, there has been a decided lack of coverage of this year's Boston College football spring football. Most don't even know that the Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Game is less than two weeks away (March 31).

It just seems to me like there has been far less coverage of BC football this spring. Spaz wanted to move the start of spring practice up (February 18) due to not having the month of December to practice and prepare for a bowl game for the first time in a decade.

Isn't there plenty to discuss? A new depth chart? Injuries? A brand new coaching staff? Yet the Globe and the Herald seem to be largely ignoring BC football this spring.

I know BC struggles to get any sort of press from either the Globe or the Herald, but the lack of coverage seems to be glaringly obvious to me. Do you agree, and what do you think are the factors?

Are Gene and Spaz keeping a low profile this spring recognizing that Spaz's seat is getting warmer and we brought in one of the most disappointing recruiting classes in recent memory? Are the Herald and Globe's editorial calendars just off, with BC practicing earlier that normal? (Virginia Tech's spring football starts three days before BC's ends!)

What gives here? Your thoughts?

Jeff: The lack of talk about Boston College Spring Football has nothing to do with other sports that are going on right now. It has everything to do with BC having their worst season since the late 90s and the guys who will be playing this year are basically the same as were last season. Since the team was so young, we already know who's playing at most of the key skill positions. Montel Harris is out so no one is checking in to see how he is progressing. There is no hype surrounding anyone who got redshirted last season. We know through the limited playing time that the backup QBs have gotten here and there that Rettig will be the starter when the season starts and only injury can change that. There really just isn't much to talk about with BC football right now.

You make a good point though that if the media isn't flocking to campus to check out what's going on, don't invite them. There's no sure thing like Kuechly would have been if he had returned for the media to focus attention on do the focus would simply be on Spaz and it likely would not be very positive.

Big Finish

Brian: Alright, admit it Jeff. How far did you have Duke going in your NCAA Tournament bracket?

Jeff: Once Fab Melo was out for Syracuse I then had three versions of my bracket - Syracuse, Duke and Kentucky winning it all.

Jeff: Somehow Kuechly is climbing even closer to the top of draft boards. Thinking back to the beginning of his sophomore season, did you ever see this coming?

Brian: I had an idea he'd be playing on Sundays. I had no idea he could get drafted this high.

Brian: After showing some promise, BC baseball has dropped five straight, including last night to No. 23 Clemson. Gonna be another one of those years for Birdball?

Jeff: We're a ways away from having a consistent baseball program.

Jeff: This preview says the battle at RB is most important this spring since Montel is likely to get limited action next fall also. Agree at all?

Brian: No, not at all. Especially not with a brand new OC and breaking in (yet another) new offense.

Brian: The Boston College Board of Trustees agreed to a 3.6 percent tuition increase for 2012-13. A 3.6 percent increase per year every year for 17 years means we're never going to be able to afford to send our kids to BC, yes?

Jeff: Can't afford it now anyways!

Jeff: At what point did you really think Lehigh would beat Duke?

Brian: With a minute or so to go? I don't know. I was in and out of that game. Is that bad?

Brian: Last one. From the ACC, only (1) Carolina, (3) Florida State and (11) N.C. State remain in this year's NCAA Tournament. Which is the last ACC team standing?

Jeff: Carolina will make the Final Four.