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EA NCAA Football Cover Athlete Voting Opens: Vote Flutie!

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Back in February, word came out that Boston College legend Doug Flutie was one of the finalists for the EA Sports NCAA 2013 cover. In case you forgot who is included:

Cover candidates includes former University of Southern California running back Marcus Allen, former Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie, former Ohio State University running back Eddie George, former University of Michigan wide receiver Desmond Howard, former Oklahoma State University running back Barry Sanders, former University of Georgia running back Herschel Walker, former Florida State University quarterback Charlie Ward, and former University of Houston quarterback Andre Ware.

Voting is finally open for the contest, and you can vote here. Unfortunately you have to like EA Sports on Facebook in order to vote, but then again you can vote and then unlike EA Sports immediately.

Doug Flutie has to have another uphill battle on his hands. Going against alumni juggernauts like Georgia, USC, FSU and Oklahoma he is going to need every vote he can get. And surprise surprise, the BC Athletics department is sort of kind of, maybe not really aware of this contest! Earlier today they released a highlight video on Flutie which is narrated by Sean McDonough. It doesn't mention the contest at all, and fails to tell viewers how to vote, so it's safe to assume that BC just recycled an old Flutie video to act like they care.

Well we at BC Interruption care. So head on over to Facebook, vote for Flutie, and tell all your friends to vote for him as well. Not only does Flutie deserve it, but it would be great to see some classic BC highlights included in an EA Sports commercial.