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Boston College Hate Index: Special March Madness Edition

Yesterday, Brian talked about the colleges that are worth rooting for. Though many of you would like to cheer for Jesuit related schools, and other schools that stole recruits from BC, it is so so so much easier to hate. So let's look at all the schools you can hate on as you fill out your brackets. Just let all that venom out, it feels oh so good.

1. Duke: Entitled and obnoxious fans make this a real easy team to hate. And they are filled with Plumlees, lots and lots of Plumlees. Duke is real easy to hate. In the past one of my favorite moments have been watching Duke fall on their face early in the tournament. Could this happen again this year? That would be so sweet.

2. UConn: Do we need to go over this storyline again? BC leaves the Big East, UConn cries and tries to unsuccessfully sue the Eagles, and Jim Calhoun claims he will never play the Eagles again. Now they are stranded in the desolate lands of the Big East, and fresh off a National title. Please Huskies, fail real hard.

3. Louisville: Rick Pitino is the ultimate BC troll, and his comments mocking our school should never be forgotten. The Cardinals are red hot right now, and this would be a great time to see Pitino fall right on his face.

4. Ohio State & Baylor: Call it jealous lover syndrome, but I am tired of watching Brady Heslip succeeding, he should be in maroon and gold damn it. And Evan Ravenel, sorry bro, but you did nothing here at BC.

5. Harvard: I think I speak for all Eagles' fans when I say that I am sick and tired of losing to the Crimson. Back in the days when BC was contending for NCAA slots, Harvard was a major thorn in our side. Now the Crimson have become the best team in Massachusetts, and that is completely unacceptable.

6. St. Louis, Virginia, North Carolina, New Mexico, and NC State. They all beat BC, and therefore are worthy of your hate and jealousy.

7. Notre Dame. Duh.

That is just a primer to give you all a reason to hate. There must be other teams out there that deserve our hate, who would you add to the list?