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It's Bracket Time: Join The SB Nation Pool On Yahoo! Sports

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If you are like me, you can't wait for tournament time to come around. Even though Boston College will be watching the games from their dorm rooms, you can't help but get excited to watch some great basketball. March Madness is one of the best sports times of the year. In past games, we at BC Interruption have done just a BCI pool for bragging rights. This year we have a special opportunity for you.

Introducing the Yahoo! Sports SB Nation Wisdom of the Crowd Pool. There are real cash prizes, and the opportunity to show those UNC and Duke basketball snobs that you know as much about college basketball as they do. And as you prepare to fill out your bracket I have some suggestions for you:

1. Pick against the Big East. No seriously, they may be higher seeded and of course the talking heads will love them to death, but is anyone in the Big East championship material? Maybe Syracuse, but the rest of the conference is flawed, as seen in the Big East Championship last night.

2. Pick a #12 seed. Come on do it. A 12 over a 5 happens yearly, and if you get it right you can brag to your friends non stop. But remember, if you pick the wrong one, you are going to look really really stupid.

3. Florida State is legit. Look I know they lost to BC, but fluky losses happen. As you create your bracket, take the BC win over Seminoles and completely forget about it.

4. Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky. Is there anyone in the country that can beat them? If there is I haven't seen them yet.

5. So you think your a college basketball big shot right? You have this year's VCU in the Final Four, and a bracket that is definitely going to win. Now take that bracket throw it away, and find a secretary/your Mom/wife/grandmother, and have them create a bracket for you. There you have your winner.

Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em supports SB Nation and the best college sports tournament of the year. Join the bracket pools of Drew Brees, Michael Phelps, and Lil Wayne-- all while competing in the $5 million Perfect Bracket and $10,000 Best Bracket Sweepstakes. Be part of the best and biggest Yahoo! Sports tourney game yet – sign up today!