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Boston College 2, UMass 1: We're Gonna Need A (39 Second) Montage (Montage)

via <a href="">Daniel Lee, Heights Editor</a>
via Daniel Lee, Heights Editor

The top-ranked Boston College Eagles defeated the UMass Minutemen 2-1 last night in Game 1 of the Hockey East Quarterfinals. Here's the video montage to prove it.

And here's what they said. Coach York on the playoff feel to last night's game.

It's a playoff type hockey. The atmosphere-you could just feel the type of playoff intensity out of both teams. Not very often are you going to see so few penalties. The teams were both disciplined. [UMass] had one power play. We didn't have any power plays. So, it was mostly five-on-five, no four-on-fours. It was a battle. Every shift was a battle out there.

Tommy Cross agrees:

It was nothing more than typical playoff hockey. We've faced teams this year that certainly come after us very hard, and finish their checks, so we're used to that. I didn't really notice that they were doing anything beyond normal playoff hockey.

So does Pat Mullane.

Every playoff game is amped up a little bit, especially on the first night. Obviously on the first night you're going to see a lot of contact. You'll expect to see that all the way through the playoffs. Obviously, they're a physical team. That's the way they play, so we'll expect to see that [Saturday] night as well.

And Mullane on the unfortunate Conte Forum power outage.

I think it was a little frustrating for us. We had a lot of momentum in that first nine minutes. I thought the first nine minutes of that period was some of the best hockey we've played in a long time. We were really skating. We were pretty upset by [the delay], but we didn't let it affect us. We went back into the locker room and kept our composure, regrouped, and said we had to come back out with the same kind of momentum and tenacity. You can't really control what happens, and I think we handled it pretty well.

As he is known to do, Coach York had some nice things to say about UMass's club.

They forechecked well all night long. They really caused us to not have a lot of fluid rushes. The forecheck prevented us. We did have some two-on-ones, but we didn't capitalize on them. Their forecheck was the strength of their game tonight.

UMass coach Don 'Toot' Calhoun on UMass' disallowed goal.

The referees called that what they felt according to the book. The book says if there is any question, it's a no-goal situation. So they felt there was enough question as to whether it was directed or not. So they called it the way they saw it. They weren't sure that it was directed, but they weren't sure that it wasn't because of the way it went off the toe of the stick and obviously, everyone was moving toward the net. So they took the conservative mode and called it back. Luck of the draw sometimes.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

We got a good turn of events there when the refs looked at the video replay and nullified the goal," York said. "It seemed to give us a little bit of life.