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Will This Be Chris Kreider's Final Season At Boston College?

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Chris Kreider has been an offensive superstar for the Eagles hockey team this season. The junior has flourished at the Heights this season, tallying 19 goals and 17 assists in 34 games. He has been an integral offensive weapon and has helped position the Eagles for another deep playoff run.

But is his time running short at BC?

The Rangers decided to hold onto Kreider at the trade deadline, instead of trading him for a proven commodity. Now according to New York Rangers GM Glen Sather, Kreider could join the Rangers as soon as the end of this season.

"Absolutely," [Sather] said, when asked if he expects the 6-foot-3, 225-winger who presents an uncommon blend of size, speed, power and touch, to leave Boston College at the end of the season.

"Absolutely," Sather repeated, when asked if he intends/expects to sign Kreider in time for him to play this season.

If the Rangers do sign the 20-year-old, the first year of Kreider’s three-year Entry Level contract would be burned regardless of whether he plays a single game for the Rangers or even is placed on the NHL roster.

That is not a deterrent for Sather. It could, however, be additional incentive for Kreider, who has taken an accelerated course load and who is dedicated to getting a degree, to leave school before graduating. The next collective bargaining agreement is certain to feature a more restrictive Entry Level system.

Already on his way to a degree, financial reasons and a chance to win a Stanley Cup as a 20 year old. Those are three strong reasons for Kreider to jump to the NHL.

But could Kreider do something that has never been done before? (As far I could find). Wishful thinking I know, but could he become the first NHL player to ever win the NCAA Championship and Stanley Cup in the same season? That would be an incredible accomplishment and cement his spot in hockey history.

Just like Luke Kuechly, now is the time for Chris Kreider. He is already drafted and a spot in New York awaits him. If BC has another successful run, what does he have left to prove? It makes total sense for Kreider to jump to the NHL and chase that dream. There is too much for him to risk playing another season at BC including injuries and the Rangers acquiring someone that pushes him out of a line. Kreider's announcement at this point is only a matter of time.