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Boston College Football: Four More Years Of Rettig?

Rettig has been a name that has been synonymous with Boston College for the past two years. But could BC be hearing that name for the next 5-6 seasons?

No, Chase Rettig isn't going to pull a Case Keenum and play until he's 25. Younger brother Hayden is in Spaz's cross hairs, and could be playing at BC in the near future:

"QB Hayden Rettig, Los Angeles Cathedral - The 6-foot-3, 200-pound Rettig had a spectacular start to the 2011 season, passing for 508 yards and six touchdowns in Cathedral's opener, and another 294 yards the next week. But that was it for the highly touted quarterback, who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and was forced to sit out the remainder of his junior season. Rettig, the younger brother of Boston College quarterback Chase Rettig, holds offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Boston College, Purdue and Vanderbilt, but will have to prove that his right knee has fully recovered."

Looking at Hayden's offers there has to be three big factors in play if Boston College wants to bring him to the Heights. The first point: Does he want to play on the east coast? If he doesn't then all odds are on ASU or Zona bringing him aboard. But if he does want to play on the east, why not BC? Historically Purdue and Vandy are schools that are pretty much on par with BC.

The second factor, what is brother Chase saying about BC when he comes home. To the public Chase has been nothing but a model football player, toting the party lines, but what if he is voicing his frustration to his family? That could easily persuade his brother to play for another program. But what if Chase is in fact happy with his experience at BC? If he talks up the program to Hayden, it could be a huge factor in helping BC get a commitment from him.

The final piece that could come into play is whether BC will have playing time for the young QB. You have to figure that older Rettig will be the QB in 2013 (Hayden's first year), and then it would be a question mark for Spaz or whatever coach is running the team. Could Christian Suntrup be the QB for three years? Or will BC decide to try out Hayden? If BC is serious about Suntrup, Rettig's playing time could be limited. That would be a hard sell for BC.

With the disastrous 2012 recruiting season finally behind them, BC now can look ahead and try to fix the gaps they failed to address this offseason. A good first step would be getting another QB on the roster, and why not another Rettig?