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What's The Status Of Patrick Heckmann?

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As part of Monday's ACC's men's basketball teleconference, Boston College coach Steve Donahue was asked how Patrick Heckmann was dealing with mono and whether there was a timetable for his return.

"The answer to the former, he's doing fine. It's frustrating, because when you have mono, there is really nothing you're allowed to do exercise-wise. I'm trying to get him to look at games and sit back and really take in, now that you're in that competition and try to learn from what's going on out there what you can do better. So I don't know if there is anything physically. The prognosis going forward, I would think that we're going to try to see the doctor this week at some point. Try to start exercising again for another week or so then get them back here a week to ten days, two weeks, maybe. That's, unfortunately, that's not a really direct exactly when, but that's where it stands."

So ... no news.

This week, Boston College faces Florida State (2/8) and at Virginia Tech (2/12), followed by a trip to College Park (2/16) and BC's home game against Duke (2/19). Sounds like Heckmann might not be back until BC's February 25 game in Winston-Salem at the earlier and could very well miss the rest of the regular season.