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Did The ACC Get New Divisions, Schedule Format Right? And The Big Finish

Brian: Yesterday, the ACC announced the future schedule format for both football and basketball, as well as announcing the new divisional alignment inclusive of Pitt and Syracuse. The conference will stick with the current composition of both the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions, slotting Syracuse in the Atlantic Division, Pitt in the Coastal Division and adding Syracuse-Pitt as a permanent cross-over rivalry (and keeping all other cross-overs the same, so, more Virginia Tech).

The conference also announced that they are moving to a 9-game conference schedule for football whenever Pitt and Syracuse extricate themselves from the Big East.

In addition, the conference scaled back the primary partners in hoops (annual home-and-homes) to just one, pairing BC and Syracuse together.

Finally, the ACC Tournament will include all 14 programs, though the format of the new tournament is still TBD.

Overall impressions of the new, new ACC? What do you like about the new setup? What don't you like that you think could have been improved?

Jeff: I love getting Syracuse in the Atlantic Division for football since that will mean we play them annually and Pitt on the rotating Coastal schedule. I also love playing Syracuse home and home annually in basketball. Going to only one primary partner in basketball was very much up in the air and who BC's sole partner would be was also up for debate. I think all the other considerations that might have been discussed for BC to partner with in hoops would have been worse for the Eagles and exposure for our basketball team.

The only thing I don't know if I'm excited about or not is the 14 team ACC Tournament for basketball. If the tournament becomes five days long, there just won't be very much interest those first two days and I wonder if that will diminish the tournament. I think the Big East is able to have more success with five days because they are playing in NYC annually and can get so much fan interest from the local area for whatever teams end up playing games the first two days. The ACC Tournament meanwhile is much more of a destination trip for ACC fans and if it turns into a week long event, it would eliminate a lot of fans from coming for the entire time.

Big Finish

Brian: The women's basketball team got mauled on Thursday night. 0-14 is very much in play. Do the BC women notch a regular season win in conference play?

Jeff: I still say yes.

Jeff: Hockey has the weekend off before the Beanpot starts Monday. Do you like our chances after sweeping New Hampshire last weekend?

Brian: I like BC's chances to reach the finals again, but it's difficult to beat the same team four straight times in a season.

Brian: Spaz signed 16 players to the Class of 2016. Which member of the class are you most excited to see play on the Heights?

Jeff: I'm hoping the Canadian WR Karim Zoungrana will be catching plenty of TDs in the years to come.

Jeff: Favorite National Signing Day story has to be Cassanova McKinzy going to Auburn instead of Clemson because there is a Chick-Fil-A on campus there.

Brian: I have no words. And what would be the BC equivalent? The presence of Dunkin' Donuts near campus?

Brian: BC hoops travels to Atlanta today to take on the Yellow Jackets. Do the Eagles get back in the W column this afternoon?

Jeff: I can't say yes with this team, but I can say I like their chances and hope so.

Jeff: The basketball team is 2-6 halfway through conference play and on pass for the 4 wins many BC followers predicted/hoped for before the season. Are you still sticking with a prediction of four ACC wins?

Brian: BC has been close to breaking through over the last few games. There are enough winnable games left where two more conference wins is likely.

Brian: Last one. Super Bowl XLVI. BC guys vs. BC guys ... Pats-Giants. Who ya got? What's the final score?

Jeff: Giants 27, Patriots 20