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SB Nation YouTube: A Whole New Avenue For Sports News & Opinion

SB Nation was created for the fans, and by the fans, and in recent years it has exploded to include coverage of almost anything you can imagine that is sports related. Heck there is even a blog dedicated to the University of Buffalo!

It wasn't long ago that bloggers were afraid to leave their parent's basements. Now our SB Nation overlords have forced us bloggers to see daylight and crawl from the secrecy of our laptops and expose ourselves (not literally) to the world. SB Nation is now proud to introduce the SB Nation YouTube channel!

Here is a run down of what they have to offer (via Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician).

The full list of programming already scheduled for the channel include...

-- The Full Nelson -- Fresh stories from Amy K. Nelson.
-- Bomani & Jones -- Technically it's just one guy, Bomani Jones, but, you know what, I'll let him explain.
-- Shutdown Fullback -- Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk will be getting together, saying things about the football things.
-- SB Nation The Floor -- Celebrated bloggers Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford team up with Eric Sharoni to deliver your daily dose of sports, pop culture and humor.
-- Team Reports -- News, unfiltered commentary and deep analysis on an individual team-by-team basis, from the experts in the SB Nation Network.

Lots of great programming available for free for all of you. Spencer Hall is definitely worth a listen -- the dude is an absolute howl.

Currently right now there are no plans for a BC Interruption YouTube show. However you, the readers, can force our hands. Would you be interested in BCI doing a regular show on the SB Nation YouTube channel? Don't all raise your hands at once.