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Get Doug Flutie On The Cover Of NCAA '13

Via EA Sports' Facebook Page.
Via EA Sports' Facebook Page.

Big news for gamers and Boston College football fans. Electronic Arts has announced that they are holding a contest to place a past Heisman winner on the cover with current winner Robert Griffin III. Boston College legend Doug Flutie is a nominee on a list of college football giants that include:

Marcus Allen (Southern Cal), Eddie George (Ohio State), Desmond Howard (Michigan), Barry Sanders (Oklahoma State), Herschel Walker (Georgia), Charlie Ward (Florida State), and Andre Ware (Houston)

That is quite the list of players, from some very prestigious programs. Could Flutie do it again and over come overwhelming odds and win? Voting will begin March 12th on the Electronics Art Facebook page, so make sure you go over and vote early and often.

If you are like me and can't wait for the next installment to come out, EA sports is reporting that the NCAA '13 will be on shelves on in early July. Let's make sure that it will be a BC Eagle gracing the cover this year.