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Chase Rettig To Be Challenged During Spring Ball

Even with all the change this offseason, one aspect of Boston College game that isn't expected to change this year is the starting quarterback. It's pretty much assumed that junior Chase Rettig, who has started for a season and a half, will continue to be QB1. But with another Offensive Coordinator taking over, could Rettig's job be in jeopardy?

Sophomore Josh Bordner is the most athletic of the four candidates battling Rettig for the starting quarterback job.


Bordner's skills are also consistent with the conventional methods of quarterbacking, and Spaziani insisted he will have every opportunity to wrest the job from Rettig.

"One of the things that facilitates the competition is that you have a new coordinator and quarterbacks coach," said Spaziani. "That stuff (wildcat) was just a product of our situation last year but we are into the new system now."

Now a little healthy competition is always a good thing, but Josh Bordner? Word on the street is the kid has a cannon for an arm, and we all saw that he has the wheels to be a mobile quarterback (Chris Crane Redux?). Dave Shinskie or Mike Marscovetra? No thank you, been down that road, saw where they lead. Not good. Christian Suntrup would be okay, but it would be a huge step backwards starting a freshman with no game experience. Plus, I hope they wait to use Suntrup until BC changes their head coach.

If BC is going to change their offensive system this season, maybe switching to a different style of quarterback will be necessary, but both Doug Martin & Frank Spaziani have both said that they have adjusted their offensive system to work with Rettig's strengths. Given Bordner's skill sets, the Eagles' would have to really turn over the playbook. Color me nervous if BC decides to switch up the starting QB this season, it just seems like a step in the wrong direction

If BC wants to be competitive Rettig is going to need to be the quarterback again next season. He hasn't been a top tier ACC quarterback, but Rettig has made some strides in the right direction. He has shown flashes of brilliance, and given a workable OC he could be an effective quarterback. But go ahead BC, light a fire under his butt, he needs to feel that his job isn't secure.