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Boston College Football Helmet Nike Pro Combat Concept Design

With National Signing Day now in our rear-view mirror and Georgia Tech now holding up the release of the 2012 ACC football schedule, we've hit a bit of a lull with the football updates these days. So, Nike Pro Combat college football helmet concepts, anyone?

Designer Charles Sollars came up with a number of different designs for each of the ... fast-forwards ACC expansion ... 14 ACC football programs. Slides 1 through 5 have the Boston College concept lids. You can also peruse the other designs Sollars came up with for other ACC and BCS conference schools.

The one we've featured here has the BC logo Eagle wing on the side of a white helmet, a design the school has never done before on the football team's helmets. In fact, BC has never had any logo on their helmet, but with Under Armour introducing the triple-stripe, stained glass road lid, slippery slope. Am I right?

I don't endorse any of these designs, but if I had to pick the most acceptable design, I'm going with the white helmet with the Eagle wing. The black and gold helmets, eh. Slide 4? God no. And slide 5 ... just no.

And no, Boston College is not sponsored by the swoosh and these are mere concept designs. Of all of the designs in the conference, I probably like BC's set of concept helmets the least. There are some solid designs -- notably this Pitt upgrade and this Wake helmet -- and some awful ones. Just when you thought the Maryland lids couldn't get any more obnoxious ...