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NCAA Denies Ifeanyi Momah Sixth Season

Wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah's career at Boston College is over. Unfortunately the NCAA declined BC's application and appeal for a sixth year, just two months after they approved a medical hardship waiver for the wide receiver.

Boston College issued a press release today addressing the matter:

"This is very disappointing news," Coach Frank Spaziani said. "We only want what is best for Ifeanyi, and I felt a sixth year would have benefited him greatly after missing two full seasons with injuries. He is a great young man who will leave Boston College with a degree in hand. We are very grateful for his contributions to our football program, on and off the field, and we hope he is able to continue pursuing his dreams."

It's a shame that it all ends here, but you have to look critically at the way BC handled Momah's initial redshirt in 2009. In the Boston Globe, BC makes it seem like they held out Momah not because of an injury, but because they wanted to change his position to defensive lineman.

Momah injured his knee in August of 2009, but according to the Globe two weeks later, he was healthy enough to play. From Mark Blaudschun in September 2009:

"Wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah, who has been sidelined with a knee injury, is healthy again, but Spaziani said the plan is to redshirt the 6-foot-6-inch."

This makes the NCAA's decision make more sense and not that it was unfair decision against BC. The Eagles had a redshirt waiver for Momah and wasted it in their failed experiment to make him a defensive end. If BC could have made a decision back in 2009 that Momah was out due to a knee injury, it probably would have strengthened their case for the NCAA, but when your coach tells Mark Blaudschun that he is healthy, that kind of just shoots you in the foot.

This is just another example in a list of many of questionable decision by the BC football administration. Sure it is easy to get mad at the NCAA, but when you look at the nuts and bolts it's GDF and Spaz again who should be getting a lion share of the blame. Take the Bill Belichick root, keep your mouth shut and Ifeanyi Momah is back with the Eagles in 2012.

No matter the outcome, Ifeanyi Momah is leaving the Eagles after a solid career. He was well liked in the locker room, a leader and served as captain during his final year on the Heights. It's kind of ironic that his final game for BC was easily his best. Though in years past he struggled to be a dominant wide receiver, his game against Northwestern showed Eagles fans a kid that could be the go to guy for Chase Rettig. It was exciting to watch him, but all the more depressing when word came out that he injured his knee.

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Ifeanyi.