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Frank Spaziani Addresses Kevin Rogers Situation (Sort Of)

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Kevin Rogers mysterious dismissal from the Boston College staff last season is a story that just won't go away. If you are late to the game, Rogers left the team after the UCF game and was replaced by Dave Brock. The message boards and blogs all have their suspicions of what may have happened, but BC is sticking with their story that Rogers left due to "health reasons."

Last week this theory took a huge hit when Kevin Rogers took a job as quarterback coach for Ryan Day's offense at Temple.

Did he have a miraculous recovery?
Where the health problems fixed?
Or is BC just covering up what really happened?

No one really knows, but it is odd that Rogers "health issues" have cleared up in less than a year and he is ready to get back into coaching.

ESPN's Heather Dinich reached out to Frank Spaziani to get some clarity on the situation and was greeted with typical Frank Spaziani courtesy:

HD: Did he get fired?
FS: Is that what you have?
HD: I have no idea.
FS: Well what were you told?
HD: That he took a leave of absence for health reasons in September, but I haven't heard anything since then.
FS: You were told he left because of health, right? Ok. So, does that explain a new offensive coordinator? I don't want to play games with you, but to me, it sounds very self-explanatory, that one.

Does this sound like the response of a coach that isn't hiding something? If Rogers' really left for "health reasons" why is Spaz being so evasive? All he simply had to say was "Kevin Rogers left the program to take care of health reasons, so please respect his privacy" and this would have ended. But no, Spaz had to be borderline belligerent with a reporter, and just from a bystander perspective it appears suspicious.

I have been critical of HD in the past, but you have to give her credit for asking the tough questions here. She has a tough position here because as a beat reporter she needs access and can't ask all the questions she probably wants to but even she sees that there is something fishy here.

For all of us, let's continue to keep Kevin Rogers in our thoughts and prayers and continue to respect his privacy.