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BC Interruption's Boston College Vs. Duke Basketball Drinking Game

Happy long weekend everyone. Hope you are all enjoying this weekend of BC domination. What would be the crowning achievement of this spectacular string of athletic games? A Boston College basketball win against the #4 Duke Blue Devils.

But in case BC isn't playing all that well, and Duke starts to run away with the game, we have created a game that will allow you to still enjoy the game and your weekend. As always please play responsibly, and this game is only for fun. Playing this game to the letter of the rules will most likely result in a trip to St. Elizabeth Hospital.

If the announcers talk about how young and inexperienced the Eagles are...Pour some beer into a empty mug, continue doing this until the end of the game. Slam beer when the announcers finish mentioning this.

If a Plumlee scores a point.....DRINK ONE.

If you know which Plumlee it was when they shot it....GIVE OUT TWO DRINKS

If Lonnie Jackson hits a three that brings BC back into a game....Drink THREEEEEEEEE

If someone on the team makes a bonehead turnover that gives it right back to Duke.....SCREAM AND DRINK

BC actually gets a call from the refs....Drink Five....If the camera shows Coach K complaining...DRINK SEVEN

Duke gets a BS call from the refs.....DRINK SLOWLY WE DONT WANT YOU TO DIE

If the announcers talk about how much BC fans get up for this game...Drink Four

If those same fans have vacated the stadium with more than five minutes left in the game...Drink Five

Austin Rivers absolutely PWNS a BC defender....DRINK TWO

If the announcers mention Doc Rivers or the Celtics....DIE YOUR BEER GREEN AND DRINK

Dennis Clifford can not finish a shot underneath the basket...DRINK TWO

Ryan Anderson makes a great post up move....Drink and scream at your TV "HEY BIG RED DOG YOU NEED TO DO THAT"

A Duke guard hits a shot over Jordan Daniels....DRINK TWO

Daniels redeems himself by the cutting to the net or making a good pass....DRINK THREE

The announcers mention Coach K's win total: Drink one classy drink of your classy beer preferably in a classy glass.

If Coach K makes a face that looks like he just smelt a fart...RETURN THE FACE AND DRINK

If John Cain Carney plays...crack a Guinness and enjoy it

If Peter Rehnquist or Salah Abdo plays....DONT DRINK YOU ARE PROBABLY TOO DRUNK ALREADY

If the announcers show the end of the Virginia Tech game....CURSE DORIAN FINNEY SMITH AND DRINK

If the announcers talk about Alex Murphy....just sigh and take a sip...YOU REALIZE WE NEVER WOULD HAVE GOTTEN HIM

If the game gets completely unwatchable JUST GRAB ALL YOUR BEERS AND DRINK

If BC can take a lead at any point in this game. SMILE, CHEERS AND ENJOY IT!

If BC is leading at half....HOLY CRAP. BOURBON TIME!!!!