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BC Interruption Contest: Create The Best Jerry York Meme

Boss Jerry York
Boss Jerry York

We were all witness last night to a great moment in BC sports history. Jerry York won his 900th game, and is only second now to Ron Mason in all time wins. In a year where not much has gone right for BC Athletics, yesterday was a shining beacon of awesomeness that we all need to enjoy.

Unfortunately, BC has no plans to create a statue for the greatest coach in BC Athletics history. However, in honor of Coach York, BC Interruption is going to do our best job to create our own living tribute to York. And we will do this the best way we know how. Through internet memes.

What to do: Using images of Jerry York or other internet pictures, create an internet meme that incorporates humor, and honors the legendary coach. Paste it in the comments.

What can I win?: Our leader Brian Favat is in the process of creating a BC Interruption store with sweet things like t-shirts, and uh, more t-shirts. The winner will get a $25 gift card to use at the store. Just imagine h mow cool will you look when you show up to a club in a "Middle Schmiddle" shirt. The girls will swoon.

How do we select a winner? The editors will not be selecting the winner. You the readers will. Using the recommend button, you choose who should win. The most recommendations wins. Only registered users will be able to vote, so make sure you get your friends to sign up for BC Interruption. It's really easy! Make sure you tell them how awesome we are here, especially that handsome devil AJ Black.

When will a winner be crowned? A week from Sunday at dusk. 5pm.

Good luck to all, feel free to make more than one entry, and let the best man or woman win!