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Maryland 81, Boston College 65: Hot Terp Start Dooms Eagles

It was just one of those games that BC never stood a chance. In front of 12,000 rowdy fans, many wearing "Bye Bye Birdie" shirts (intended for the football game), BC was completely overmatched. After the Eagles jumped out to a 10-4 lead, Maryland ran out to a 25-2 run that BC never could recover from. It was a tough game and it just seemed that everything the Terps shot went in, and everything BC put up rimmed out.

BC never let Maryland run away with the game, and continued to claw back in the game with big threes and drawing fouls at the rim. But whenever BC was able to cut the lead to single digits, Maryland was able to make a shot and get in control of the game. Maryland kept a lead of around 15 for most of the second half, and BC never got back into the game.

The most obvious difficulty BC had was covering Terrell Stoglin in the first half. Jordan Daniels was completely undersized against the much bigger Stoglin, who scored 19 points in the first half, including going 7 of 10, and scoring 14 consecutive points for the Terps. Once Steve Donahue put Matt Humphrey on Stoglin, he immediately slowed down and was held to five points in the second half.

Dennis Clifford also had a tough game as he could not finish down low. Clifford finished 3 for 12 for 11 points and 5 rebounds. Last night's game was one of the clearest examples of the bulking up that will be necessary for Clifford in the offseason. He also became very frustrated quickly and started to hesitate when he got the ball. If he wants to be a physical ACC center, Clifford is going to need to add muscle so that he can fight for position under the hoop, and finish plays in traffic.

BC's MVP of the game was easily Ryan Anderson. RA finished the game with 22 points and 10 rebounds, and continues to improve in his post game. He can shoot with both hands, and makes moves like an upper classmen. It is clear as the season progresses that Anderson is going to be the superstar on this team, and the go to guy for points in the future.

Another golf clap goes to Lonnie Jackson who finished with 19 points and got to the line 5 times. Great to see him be a more aggressive and draw contact, especially since he has only missed one free throw in the past month.

This game was definitely a step back, but Steve Donahue and company can adjust, and it's a perfect time for an upset. For most BC fans it's the biggest game of the year. The Duke Blue Devils are coming! The Duke Blue Devils are coming.