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Boston College Daily Links: Level Of Play Raised At Beanpot


ACC Freshman Watch, Feb. 14 (ACC Sports Journal)
2. Ryan Anderson, Boston College (9.92 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 0.6 bpg). Ryan Anderson continues to grow on a BC team that continues to play better. He passed Dennis Clifford as the highest scoring freshman on the team this week and he continues to play strong in the post. Anderson may be averaging 9.9 points per game this season, but he’s averaged 15.5 points in his last two contests.

ACC Men's Basketball Legends: John Bagley (
"I was at the FSU-BC game and had a really good feeling," the Eagles’ 2012 ACC Legend said. "It felt like something big – bigger than what I had ever known because there are a lot of schools in the ACC now, and to me, that means major competition and visibility."

More Beanpot Gloating

Level of play raised at Beanpot (
"The last few years," York said, "people talk about, 'Has the Beanpot lost its luster? Where is college hockey in the Boston area?' Tonight was a statement. That place was jammed with fans of college hockey. I think the Beanpot's in good hands. It has been for a long time, and it's going to continue, especially with that type of hockey game tonight."

Milner Time (College Hockey News)
"I'd like to think that my confidence never wavered, but I'm sure it did," Milner said. "It's tough. We had a tough loss at Notre Dame and that kind of hurt it. It's good to try and persevere through it. The harder times are worth it to get here."

Boston College goalie Parker Milner leads way to Beanpot (The Boston Globe)
"He’s really come on strong lately,’’ said Cross. "We have competition at every position on our team, and goaltender is no different. Those guys push each other every day, and I think it’s made Parker better. His attitude has remained very positive and I think he really took it upon himself personally to take over that spot. He played great, he was a rock for us in net. And he definitely showed some real maturity so it was great to see.’’

BC gets bragging rights - for now (The Boston Globe)
"People have been saying the last couple of years, has the Beanpot lost its luster,’’ York mused after his Boston College varsity had subdued Boston University, 3-2, on Bill Arnold’s wrister with 6.4 seconds on the clock. "This was a statement.’’

It’s another full pot for Arnold (The Boston Globe)
"We definitely had to explain to some kids what the Beanpot was, but there are a lot of kids from Massachusetts who grew up watching it,’’ Arnold said. "I guess that adds something to it, but the kids who aren’t from Boston are feeling just as good right now.’’


Athlete plans to return for camp (
During a recent junior day visit to Boston College, Morris had a great time talking to the coaching staff and it looks like the Eagles will at least consider him on the offensive side of the ball. Morris, a 5-foot-10, 175-pound prospect, will be back for Boston College's summer camp and he hopes to further prove his abilities there.

Writers Who Graduated From BC But Ignore College Sports Entirely

Bob Ryan planning to retire from Boston Globe after London Olympics (
Bob Ryan, an award-winning sports columnist for the Boston Globe, plans to retire after the London Olympics this summer.