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Jerry York Lets Mike Lupica Calls Go To Voicemail #899

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Yesterday, the BC Hockey News Twitter account tweeted this audio clip of New York Daily News writer and Boston College alumni Mike Lupica congratulating Coach York on his third straight Beanpot victory.

Here's the audio of the call.

Coach, It's Mike Lupica calling to congratulate you. I almost lost my mind watching the overtime last night. I had Zach Lupica in the front row. Just wanted to tell you as an alum, that you're one of the great figures in the history of our school and thank you for everything you've done. Congratulations again. Bye.

God bless Jerry York. He lets Mike Lupica calls go to voicemail. I suppose he was too busy winning his third straight Beanpot Championship ... "like a boss."

And for the record, we couldn't agree more. Especially with this part: "you're one of the great figures in the history of our school."