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Boston College Football: Filling The Holes On The Recruiting Map

With Dave Brock, Ben Sirmans, Ryan Day and Jeff Comissiong all leaving the Boston College football staff in the past week, Spaz will have to quickly reload the coaching staff to keep the momentum going for next year's recruiting class.

Let's take a closer look at the recruiting impact of these staffers departures.

Of the four staffers lost, the loss of Sirmans will arguably have the biggest impact on BC's recruiting efforts going forward. The list of players Sirmans helped bring to the Heights is fairly impressive: all three St. X backers Steven Daniels (2012, 2011), Sean Duggan (2011) and Luke Kuechly (2009), as well as:

2012 -- Bryce Jones
2011 -- Brian Mihalik
2010 -- Bobby Swigert
2009 -- Rolandan Finch, Nate Freese, John Wetzel
2008 -- Donnie Fletcher, Chris Hayden-Martin, Isaac Johnson

Sirmans helped recruit Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Central New Jersey, and his list of recruits over the past few years bear out this trend. Of the 13 players Sirmans was lead recruiter on, seven of those players came out of Ohio, three from Pennsylvania, two from Massachusetts and one from Kentucky.

Ryan Day's recruiting areas included Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern Florida, and the New Jersey/Maryland area. His list of recruits over the past few years includes:

2012 -- Justin Simmons, Frank Taylor
2011 -- David Bowen, Spiffy Evans
2010 -- Josh Bordner, C.J. Jones
2009 -- Johnathan Coleman, Conor O'Neal
2008 -- Stephen Atkinson, Mike Goodman, Josh Haden, Max Holloway, Bryan Murray, Okechuckwu Okoroha, Justin Tuggle

Of Day's 15 recruits, six of those came from Florida, four from Maryland, three from Pennsylvania and one each from Delaware and Georgia.

Dave Brock has been featured less prominently in the recruiting game, and has been the primary recruiter for five players over the past five classes -- Nick Lifka, Victor Nelson and Christian Suntrup (2011) and Andy Gallik and Chase Rettig (2010). Three of those players hail from Illinois, one from Missouri and one from California.

Finally, Jeff Comissiong has primarily focused on recruiting Massachusetts (4), Florida (3), New York (2) and Pennsylvania (2), bringing in players like Andre Williams (2010), Dillon Quinn (2009) and Montel Harris (2008).

What does all this tell us?

Boston College will likely feel the effects of losing Brock, Comissiong, Day and Sirmans most in the Midwest (Ohio in particular), Pennsylvania and Florida. While both Doug Martin and Jim Bollman haven't been featured prominently in recruiting at their previous stops -- Martin was OC at New Mexico State after serving as head coach at Kent State, while Bollman has been a coordinator for 10 seasons at Ohio State -- their ties to the area will help BC fill the gaps in Ohio.

While also a coordinator now, Bill McGovern has almost exclusively recruited New Jersey, with 12 of 14 players recruited over the last five classes hailing from the Garden State. Siravo has concentrated on recruiting Connecticut and Virginia, while Devine has covered Massachusetts.

Spaz is going to need a strong position coach that can help fill the gaps on the recruiting map, particularly in Pennsylvania, the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast.

Massachusetts -- Sean Devine
New Jersey / New York -- Bill McGovern
Connecticut -- Mike Siravo
Ohio -- Jim Bollman, Doug Martin
Pennsylvania -- ??
Mid-Atlantic -- ??
Florida, Southeast -- ??
Midwest, West -- ??

Keep this in mind as Spaz starts to fill in his staff.