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Boston College Basketball Expectations Reset And The Big Finish

Brian: The Eagles notched a surprising 64-60 victory over 15th ranked Florida State squad on Wednesday. It was the first win over a ranked opponent in 10 tries, a streak that dated back to a 2009 win over Florida State. How does BC's surprising victory change expectations for this team the rest of the way?

Here's the Eagles remaining schedule:

2/12 @ Virginia Tech
2/16 @ Maryland
2/19 vs. Duke
2/26 @ Wake Forest
2/29 vs. Georgia Tech
3/8 First Round of ACC Tournament in Atlanta

While there are just two home games remaining, there are a bunch of winnable games on the remaining slate of games. Sure, BC has yet to notch a win in a true road game this season, but Virginia Tech (2-7), Maryland (4-5) and Wake Forest (2-8) have all had their struggles this season. In fact, the combined ACC W-L record of the Eagles' remaining five opponents is just 17-30, and that includes 7-2 Duke. That has to be the easiest slate of games remaining in the ACC.

Believe it or not, the Eagles (3-7) are currently in sole possession of 9th place in the ACC, ahead of Virginia Tech (2-7), Wake Forest (2-8) and Georgia Tech (2-8).

So what is your expectation for BC the rest of the way? And how far can BC rise in the ACC standings before the first round of the ACC Tournament in Atlanta.

Jeff: The win doesn't really change my expectations the rest of the way for the Eagles. I expected them to get two victories in the second half of ACC play. I still expect them to get one more or I could say I still expect them to win two games in the second half and they somehow stole a win over the Seminoles which was not expected.

Either way the Eagles will finish with four or five wins and will be underdogs in their first ACC Tournament game. I am still hoping that the Eagles win a game in the ACC Tournament and with how weak the top teams have looked since ACC play began, you can't rule anything out as a possibility.

I hope to see a lot of good basketball from this team the rest of the way but my expectations are no greater than they have been pretty much all season.

Big Finish

Brian: With West Virginia bolting for the Big 12 in time for the 2012 season, are you expecting Syracuse and Pitt to be playing ACC football this fall?

Jeff: That would make sense, wouldn't it? But no, I think we get them in 2013.

Jeff: Speaking of conference expansion, Memphis to the Big East might be the most logical addition the league has made so far, agree?

Brian: Strongly disagree. Memphis would have made a lot of sense if the conference had signaled they were prioritizing adding strong hoops programs. The additions of Houston, SMU and Central Florida as all-sports members make it clear there is no defined strategy here. Temple would have been the better choice.

Brian: The additions of Pitt and Syracuse will reportedly only net an extra $1-2 million per program. You surprised at this figure?

Jeff: I am not surprised at all. These programs are not huge needle movers for ratings but the ACC should be able to make a little more money at some of their conference tournaments.

Jeff: Is the hockey team once again putting it together at just the right time?

Brian: Still a lot of question marks in my mind. BC's upcoming games against BU (Beanpot final) and Merrimack will go a long way towards validating that statement.

Brian: Every week I ask you the same question. BC women's hoops is now 0-11 with five games remaining. Do they become only the third ACC program to finish 0-14 this season?

Jeff: The women's team played Duke surprisingly close. They'll find a win somewhere.

Jeff: I think it is likely that we have another Rettig on campus in 12 months. Do you agree?

Brian: While I would welcome the younger Rettig coming to the Heights, I don't think it's going to happen.

Brian: Last one. Eagles-Hokies on Sunday. Who ya got? What's the final score?

Jeff: I've got the Eagles here 66-62, but not willing to risk anything of significance on that pick.