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BC Interruption's Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge: Registration Is Open

Join up, prizes are involved

Christian Petersen

With Navy's win over Army yesterday, the 2012 regular season is officially in the books. For Boston College fans, it's been over for about a month now. But next weekend the bowl season officially kicks off next weekend when Nevada and Arizona face off in the New Mexico Bowl.

In order to make the bowl season a little more interesting, BC Interruption has created yet another fantasy challenge. This time it's the bowl games you will decide. It's a straight pick set up, meaning we are not picking the spreads. Also just like the Pick 'Em Challenge, you will need to rank the picks based on confidence (1 being the lowest, 35 being the highest).

We have a prize this year for the winner. Which is your choice of a fantastic BC Interruption shirt. We will be rolling out a whole series of these, so you will want to win!

Joining is very simple. If you already did the Pick Em Challenge, you already have a Bowl Pick Em entry set up for you. Just log in, and your entry should be ready to go. Ah, the magic of the interwebz. If you haven't joined already, just CLICK HERE and set up your account, there is no password.

What bowl are you most confident in? What bowl are you least? Any upsets you see brewing on the horizon? What about the BCS title game?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!